Irish make huge EU voluntary contribution to culture: Eurobarometer


Creative Ireland Forum and Conference 2017 launched the European Year of Cultural Heritage in Ireland this morning in Dublin Castle.

A special Eurobarometer on Europeans and Cultural Heritage, which was published to mark the launch of the Year, shows that Ireland continues to be one of the top nations in Europe for volunteering in the cultural sector.

The study shows that 11 per cent of Irish people contribute voluntarily to culture, putting us second in Europe behind Sweden where the participation rate is 14 per cent. The EU average was 5 per cent.

The survey also shows that Irish people are about average for visiting cultural sites or participating in cultural activities

  • 60% of Irish people visited a historical monument or site in the last 12 months, slightly below the EU average of 61%. People in Sweden (88%) were most likely to have done so while people in Romania (40%) were least.
  • 48% of Irish respondents visited a museum or gallery in the past 12 months, again slightly below the EU average of 50%. Sweden again in top place at 80% while Romania was in bottom place at 40%.
  • 42% of Irish people have seen a traditional or classical performing arts event in the last 12 months, slightly below the EU average of 43%. Sweden was again in top place at 63% while Greece was lowest at 24%.

The main barriers to accessing cultural heritage sites and activities for Irish people are

  • lack of time (37%)
  • lack of interest (32%)
  • lack of information (31%).
  • cost (28%)

Further information

1,002 people were interviewed in Ireland for the survey by Behaviour and Attitudes between 23 September and 2 October 2017.

The Eurobarometer report, including an Ireland summary, is available here