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Bulgarian exporter of natural herbs and botanical extracts is looking for international cooperation under manufacturing and distribution agreement




The Bulgarian company was established in the heart of the Bulgarian Rose Valley. It is one of the leading exporters of rose oil and natural rose water. Recognized and trusted partner in trading with herbs, best essential oils, floral waters, plant extracts and cosmetics. The company is looking for a manufacturing agreement by supplying different industries (cosmetics, perfumery, pharmaceutical) with its products or finding distributors for its portfolio of products.



The main activity of the Bulgarian company is focused in international trade and exports for more than 40 countries of natural raw materials of over 150 types of dried medicinal herbs:leaves, flowers, stems, roots, fruits, tree barks, fine cut, chopped or crushed leaves. They offer a wide variety of wild and cultivated herbs typical of the rich flora of the Balkan Peninsula with guaranteed strict control over the techniques of collection, drying, additional processing, packing procedures, keeping and storage conditions. The majority of herbs are offered in powder form. The herbs are targeted to pharmaceutical clients as a component in nutritional supplements or in a form of tea. The rich assortment of company products include essential oils, floral waters, concretes, absolutes. These products are mostly used in cosmetics, aromatherapy and production of products requiring certain aroma such as aromatic soaps, candles and bath pearls. The company is also trading with a wide range of spices such as coriander, savory, oregano, devesil, basil, thyme, melon, dill and parsley. The company is looking for international cooperation under distribution services agreement or manufacturing agreement. The company is looking for distributors in order to expand their market share internationally.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for international business cooperation under distribution services agreement or manufacturing agreement.
The company wants to promote the high quality of the original traditional Bulgarian natural products on the international markets. Therefore, it is looking for foreign distributors which to distribute its products and specify the volume requested.
The company also offers to manufacture certain products under manufacturing agreement.

Advantages & innovations:

- Loyal and reliable partner for more than 20 years now;
- Raw material supplier to pharmaceutical, tea, cosmetic and perfumery industries in more than 40 countries worldwide;
- Offers complete formulas of herbal mixtures for tea, and spices and seasonings packed and labeled on Private label basis - under the Trademark of a client.
- The first company, which developed and launched on the market and successfully applied Bulgarian rose water not only in cosmetics, but also in the food industry via Rose water for drinking. The company had proved through analysis in Bulgaria and abroad the beneficial influence of the products on the human organism for which they have received awards from the Union of Food Industry and the Bulgarian Chamber of commerce and industry together with the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Development Stage:

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