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Distribution partner sought for a new smart outdoor information display




A German IT company has developed a new outdoor information display. It is a digital information point providing residents, tourists or guests with information about the location. Smart in design and handling, it covers innovative technical features for failure-free operation in all weather conditions. Established in Germany, the company is now looking abroad for new markets. They search for distribution partners with good contacts to the public, touristic, cultural or exhibition sector.




The outdoor information display with the related software was developed by an IT service provider seated in North Germany. Starting in 2010 they have specialized in serving industrial and retail customers throughout the IT environment, with focus on network infrastructure, terminals for electronic funds transfer (EFT) and point of sale systems. Meanwhile they are active in 17 countries and collaborate with over 50 IT service partners throughout Europe.
The company, together with its European service partners, covers the entire technological and technical part of the outdoor information display. That includes the planning, implementation and follow-up service, as well as monitoring the system, maintenance and further service operations.
The information display with touch-screen was designed especially for outdoor use, but also can be used indoors. Its design looks a bit like a big smartphone and is a real eye-catcher, with a comfortable height of 2.12 meters, a width of 82 centimeters and a depth of narrow 15 centimeters. It has a solid wooden frame with a bearing aluminium rack inside. A huge 47-inch monitor, with heat-strengthened, anti-reflective safety glass and very quiet ventilation, makes it comfortable to use.

With an own data access the client is able to define the content and information he wants to show and can change it at any time by himself. A WiFi hotspot is integrated, offering DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and LTE (Long Term Evolution) standard for fast and mobile communication with smartphones.

The outdoor information display offers easy and save handling. The user can operate the information display independently and interactively, for instance QR codes allow the transfer of the requested information to a smartphone. The information display is available every day for 24 hours and it stays fully operational in all weather conditions, even the usability with gloves is not a problem.

To shelter the system against extreme weather or flooding automatic protection devices are integrated in the display, i.e. emergency drain, infrared heater, drying unit and emergency shutdown.

The company has already successfully placed the outdoor information display in Germany in various regions as information points for citizens and tourists. Now they want to expand sales activities to new international markets. So they are looking for distribution partners, who are convinced of the products qualities, are well connected to public administration, to the touristic and leisure sector and willing to merchandize this display in their region. Business contacts of interest and potential clients are municipalities and tourism associations, also operator of theme parks, museums and exhibitions, fun parks or hotel resorts. But also further sites in cultural, leisure and tourism areas could be a suitable location to set up this innovative display to inform guests in a modern, flexible and comfortable way.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company has successfully placed its new information display at touristic spots and municipalities in Germany. Now they are looking for distribution partners to open up new international markets. Distribution partners sought should be convinced of the products excellence and aim to advertise and merchandize it in their region or country.
The envisaged partner should be well connected with regional
- municipalities, public institutions and administration,
- tourism, cultural, leisure, event and exhibition industry or associations.
Possible clients are:
- operators of theme parks, museums, fun parks or hotel resorts who want to inform their guests,
- administration of public sites where citizens and tourist should be informed about the location,
- organizer of fairs, exhibitions and events, to inform about the fairground and exhibition program.

Advantages & innovations:

- Information available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
- Smart operation through intuitive and familiar touch-screen handling
- User may transfer requested information to their smartphone by implementation of QR codes
- Unique design: stylish look with a smartphone design combined with elegant solid wooden frame
- Outdoor display useable in all weather conditions (even with gloves)
- 100W infrared heating for significant power saving
- Toughened safety glass for minimal risk of injury in case of damage
- Integrated WiFi hotspot offers e.g. interconnection of several sites in the area
- Integrated DSL and LTE
- 178 degree viewing angle without interference
- Colour temperature adjustment at night
- Innovative silent ventilation system with humidity filter
- Live monitoring with alarm system integrated
- Emergency shutdown by flooding, integrated emergency drain and automatic drying process
- Flexible for add-ons and individual customer solutions (e.g. smartphone or e-bicycle charging station, photovoltaic system)
- Full-service package for the customer including hardware, software, system monitoring and maintenance.

Development Stage:

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