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Spanish company with a patented cover for the conservation in camera, freezing and transport of fresh meat is looking for agents and distributors.




Spanish company that has patented a cover for freezing, cold storage and transport of fresh meat, is looking for commercial agents, as well as distributors interested in acquiring the product.

It is demonstrated, through laboratory analysis, that the use of these covers during the time that the piece remains in the cold room allows reducing the loss of the product up to 40% of its size.



A Spanish company has patented a breathable cover made of polypropylene composed of filaments joined in a disordered manner by a technical procedure of high temperature application. This allows the passage of air between them in a controlled manner and with total protection.

The manufacturing process guarantees that no filament detachments are produced, avoiding the contamination of the meat (migration certificate).

In addition to the savings produced by avoiding shrinkage and deterioration of the product in the cold room, the use of the covers guarantees the hygiene of the meat and complements the sanitary custody of the meat from the slaughter of the beef to the delivery to the final consumer. In addition, it allows to save space in the cold room because its use prevents the union of the pieces of meat allowing greater proximity between them.

The company offers the possibility of delivering the covers in different sizes, shapes and colors to suit the needs of customers. In addition, it is a photodegradable product.
The covers are designed to be placed on the piece of meat quickly and easily. In comparison with other covers existing in the market, these can be placed in a third of the time.
The company has all the food certifications that allow its contact with food.

This Spanish company is looking for agents and distributors for the product to enter new markets. The company is interested in distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreements.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company intends to enter new markets and for this purpose it is looking for commercial agents and distributors with experience, a broad knowledge of their markets and a good network of contacts.

The partner will introduce the company´s products in the host country in accordance with the distribution agreement. It also would be recommended to have warehouses for the storage of the product, as well as a logistic network for their delivery to the consumer.

The agent must be knowledgeable about the agri-food sector and have a wide network of contacts in it.

Type of partnership considered: distribution services agreement and commercial agency agreement

Advantages & innovations:

•The covers are easy and quick to place on the pieces.
•The cover saves space in the cold storage rooms, because as the material is in sleeves, it avoids its connection allowing greater proximity between the pieces.
• Its use prevents the rupture of health custody.
• They guarantee the hygiene and the image of the product.
• Its material composition prevents blood or other liquids from being absorbed, causing the accumulation of bacteria that contaminate food.
• The cover prevents external liquids, such as rain, from having access to the product and contaminating it.
• Breathable.
• Does not detach filaments, avoiding the contamination of the product.

Development Stage:

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