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Romanian producer of traditional roasted vegetable spread is looking for foreign agents or distributors




A Transylvanian SME, with 7 years of experience in processing and preserving fruits and vegetables, is cooking and selling a Romanian traditional roasted vegetable spread called “zacusca”, which is made only of natural ingredients (no preservatives, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours). The SME is looking for foreign agents or distributors so as to promote and sell its authentic Romanian product abroad.



Established in Transylvania in 2013, the Romanian SME started its business in the field of processing and preserving of fruit and vegetables by producing various types of berries jam (
blueberries cranberries rosehip bitter cherries black cherries raspberry blackberries).
Starting with an investment of 200.000 euro, the Romanian SME’s turnover has increased, the business became profitable and in only 2 years the products reached the selves of big retailers in Romania. Thus, the Romanian SME diversified the range of products, and besides berries jams, it started producing traditional roasted vegetable spread called „zacusca”; if in 2015, in the small Romanian factory one was producing over 50.000 jars of jam and more than 20.000 jars of zacusca made in the cauldron and using a wood fire, today the numbers increased.
The Romanian traditional roasted vegetable spread – „zacusca” - contains natural ingredients: grilled eggplants and kapia peppers, white onions, tomatoes, sunflower oil, garlic, bay leaves, salt and pepper. Most of the ingredients come from internal agriculture and are roasted and hand cut, while for the tasty and authentic product one cooks it in open air in a cauldron.
As it is a complex product and its preparation require a lot of hard work, the Romanian SME cooks a large quantity of traditional roasted vegetable spread after the fall harvest and preserves it in 320 g jars.
In terms of average nutritional values, 100 g of zacusca cont of an energetic value of 81.07 kcal, including 3.15% fats, 1.13 g proteins and 11,5 % carbohydrates.
Zacusca can be eaten as a relish or spread, usually on bread, and for the best taste it is recommended to be consumed after some months of maturing; one should consider that the Romanian traditional roasted vegetable spread must be consumed within days of opening the jar as there are only natural ingredients and no artificial preservatives.
Due to the absence of meat, eggs or dairy products, zacusca can be used in the vegetarian diet.
As the Romanian company is already known on the internal market, the owner of the company is interested in reaching as many clients as possible abroad by cooperating with foreign agents or distributors on the basis of commercial agency agreement of distribution services agreement.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The potential foreign partners could be among SMEs active in the field of agrofood, preferable with previous experience in promoting and selling food products specialities.
The agreements taken into consideration are Commercial agency agreement and/ or Distribution services agreement, preferable with long-term cooperation.
Details of the agreement are to be discussed with interested parties.

Advantages & innovations:

The Romanian SME has 7 years of experience in processing and preserving fruits and vegetable and its product is already sold via large retail networks in Romania.
Already known on the internal market, the Romanian SME also has experience in trans-national cooperation selling tasty and authentic product made of natural ingredients.
The Romanian SME supports local agriculture and provides natural healthy food products addressed to everybody, (eg. individuals, hotels & restaurants, vegetarian diet etc.).
The Romanian SME's products were already presented in international agrofood trade fairs.

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