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A company from Kosovo offering software-based solutions for networks, file servers, database servers, web application servers, system management servers and others is seeking partners under an outsourcing agreement




The Kosovan company focuses on software-based solutions for networks, file servers, database servers, web application servers, system management servers, content management, e-security, and a host of other solutions, including storage and backup management from one place itself and also features patching up different vendors or integrators.

They are looking for an outsourcing agreement where they could gather around groups of IT engineers to finish specific tasks set by the agreement.



The company is an information technology and services company which provides high quality technical and environmental engineering services for its clients. The company is based in Prishtina, Kosovo. They provide I.T. infrastructure and end to end solutions on various platforms by blending I.T expertise with business acumen.

One of the main advantages is the large network of engineers available to provide services, and experience with SMEs and large corporations partners/clients. The company’s services focus on the following elements:

- active directory, database servers
- desktop/server/application virtualization, desktop/ laptops/ servers
- high availability and load balancing solutions
- network performance management
- office automation application, software development tools
- switches/routers, system management tools
- video/print/web publishing software solutions, wireless LAN

- 2 factor authentication, anti-spam solutions
- advance threat protection
- anti-virus protection, bandwidth analysis & management
- data leakage prevention, email monitoring & control
- intrusion detection solution, intrusion prevention solutions
- PIM, SIEM, virtual private networks
- web surfing management
- OWASP top 10

- data replication, auto loaders
- business continuity planning
- automated desktop/laptop backup
- automated server backup
- DAT/DLT/tape library
- disaster recovery solutions
- NAS/SAN/unified data storage solutions

- java developer services
- administration training
- consultancy
- data classification
- implementation services
- post implementation support
- troubleshooting support

They are interested in an arrangement, under which they are contracted as a service provider to perform services that the organization currently performs in-house, or which are performed by an existing third-party supplier. Their staff qualifications and previous collaborations with international organizations makes them an ideal partner at performing these services.The company aims to become an integral part of the partners team in developing digital solutions by providing the partner with a highly skilled team of developers and IT professionals, thus cutting costs and enabling the partner to explore new business opportunities.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is interested in collaborating with SMEs and corporations through providing their services in the form of an outsourcing agreement. In such agreements, they expect to provide the service using their personnel and facilities according to the present description of the agreement.

An ideal partner would be a company that provides digital solutions/products and is looking to offload a portion of their work to certified and professional teams in order to cut costs, as well as, save resources and time. The company would closely work with the partner during the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of the digital solution.

Just as well, various SME's looking to digitalize their operations or work process from any industry sector would also be the type of partners the company is seeking to collaborate with.

Advantages & innovations:

Collaborating closely with a large network of engineers and I.T. professionals provides the company with a unique opportunity of offering services and products aimed at improving various elements of a companies operations or work process. By integrating services and products covering infrastructure, security, storage and software development, the company is able to offer a full scope of digital services required by the partner, thus overtake larger products, while most companies of this nature focus on delivering one of these services at a time.

The company is also very adaptable to working as part of a larger team, implementing certain aspects of a project in full cooperation with the other members of the implementing team.

Development Stage:

Already on the market


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