Commissioner Hogan welcomes EU Approval for €200 million investment in Irish Agri-Food Sector


The EU Commissioner for Trade, Phil Hogan, has welcomed today’s approval by the EU Commission of a €200 million investment scheme for processing and marketing of agricultural products in Ireland. The scheme will run until the end of 2025.

Speaking after the announcement of the Commission’s decision, Commissioner Hogan commended the Irish authorities for developing the scheme which he said will provide grant-aid to SMEs and large companies in the Irish agri-food sector, which employs more than 173 000 people and accounts for 10 per cent of the value of total Irish goods exports. Both in terms of my previous role as Agriculture Commissioner and in my current role as Trade Commissioner, I am well aware of the economic importance of the sector, in terms of job creation and economic added-value. I am confident that the scheme approved today will encourage innovative investments in this important sector which would otherwise not have occurred. This scheme must also been seen through the prism of Brexit and the need for the sector to adapt to the new situation and to improve its resilience and become more diversified through the identification of new markets.” Full article  here