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The Enterprise Europe Network organises a variety of events where you can meet potential business partners and learn all you need to know to expand your business in Europe.

Since its launch in 2008 the Network brought more than 90,000 companies to international brokerage events and company missions. Check our Events section regularly for the latest listing.

22/03/2021 - 26/03/2021

Sustainable Packaging: Are You Ready? - March 2021

Meet your future business or research partner in virtual face to face talks and be part of an interactive European Packaging Talk where you can hear from experts in the field

The European-wide marketplace will bring together buyers (corporates or SMEs) and innovators (start-ups or SMEs) with good solutions on food packaging as much as for the development of new ideas. Buyers will present their needs and call for proposals in advance. The challenges can be posed by different stakeholders related to packaging, such as producers, retail, recyclers, investors, etc.

When:  Matchmaking - whole week from 22. to 26. March 2021

European Expert Talk - 26. March 2021  European Packaging Talk will be taking place, make sure to register for that session if you want to learn more about new trends in food packaging and discuss innovative solutions with other participants in a live session.

- Retailer: packaging strategy for the future
- New materials for packaging
- Plastic based packaging
- Paper based packaging

Why participate?

Simply discuss new technologies and innovative solution, find partner and customers in 1:1 meetings held during the event.

Our main focus comprises:

  • Food packaging
  • Sustainable procedures
  • Healthy environment

Further information/How to register

Please contact the event organisers for further information

Zenit GmbH Gregor Stolarczyk Tel: +49 211 13 000 232 Email gs@zenit.de W: www.zenit.de

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