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The Enterprise Europe Network organises a variety of events where you can meet potential business partners and learn all you need to know to expand your business in Europe.

Since its launch in 2008 the Network brought more than 90,000 companies to international brokerage events and company missions. Check our Events section regularly for the latest listing.

11/03/2021 - 25/03/2021 NB THIS EVENT HAS PASSED

The Export Compass webinar series - January-March 2021


The Export Compass Webinar Series takes place between 28 January and 25 March. The webinars are open to all Micro and SME businesses that are taking their first steps on their export journey.

Enterprise Ireland's series of webinars are aimed at helping Irish businesses to grow through export.  They will feature five webinars, each of which will guide businesses in developing their export strategy and plans. This includes helping companies to understand overseas business cultures, and how to build digital capabilities for selling and developing customer, distributor and/or partner relationships.

The webinars will feature interviews with companies that have already successfully exported. Attendees will also hear from market experts from Enterprise Ireland’s overseas offices.

Topics covered during each of the five webinars are as follows:  

  • 28 January: What is the basis of your export plan? Where in the world might you export to?
  • 11 February: Who is your ideal customer? Culture and doing business in other countries.
  • 25 February: How to prepare for export. Sales and marketing to win export customers in a digital world.
  • 11 March: How to finance your export plan. Finance management through funding and pricing.
  • 25 March: Bringing it all together, followed by a Q&A session.

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