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The Enterprise Europe Network organises a variety of events where you can meet potential business partners and learn all you need to know to expand your business in Europe.

Since its launch in 2008 the Network brought more than 90,000 companies to international brokerage events and company missions. Check our Events section regularly for the latest listing.


The Value of Intellectual Property


The Value of Intellectual Property - 3rd March 2p.m.-3p.m.

Join speakers from Enterprise Ireland and the European Intellectual Property Register (IPR)Helpdesk and discover the value of Intellectual Property to scalable enterprises.

Join speakers Joe Doyle (Intellectual Property Manager with Enterprise Ireland) and James Walsh (European IPR Helpdesk- Enterprise Europe Network-Ireland) join us to discuss the Value of Intellectual Property for businesses.

Intellectual Property Strategy – An increasingly important feature of scalable enterprises.

  • Why IP is the key source of scalable value in your enterprise.
  • What you can do now to manage you IP better.
  • State supports that are available to help you.

The event will also highlight the IP Start Grant offered by Enterprise Ireland

This event will run for no longer than an hour and will act as an informational session with Questions and Answers at the end.

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Dave Connolly Email: dave.connolly@dublincity.ie

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