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Autonomous Vehicles Summit Matching 2020


Autonomous Vehicles Summit (AV Summit) taking place in Bratislava (Slovakia)  on the digitization of the Slovak and European automotive industry and stimulate closer interconnection bonds and partnerships in new system of ecosystems among automotive industry players.  

Target groups of AV Matching

  • Car manufacturers
  • Producers of car components and OEMs 
  • Technology bodies, R&D institutions
  • Car sharing companies
  • Universities/academia
  • Governments
  • Industrial automotive business
  • Investors
  • Others interested in autonomous vehicles themes

Themes of AV Matching

  • AVs
  • AVs safety, testing, cybersecurity
  • AVs design
  • AVs charging
  • Automation and mechatronic system related technologies for Connected and Fully automated AVs
  • Smart (electro) mobility innovations
  • Energy innovations
  • Machine innovations technologies
  • Fifth generation networks (5G) providing innovative services such as interconnected cars
  • Payment digitalization
  • AVs sharing
  • Others related

Further information/How to register

Please contact the event organisers for further information

With questions related to Autonomous Vehicles Summit Matching get in touch with: RPIC Prešov - Enterprise Europe Network Mária Radvanská een@rpicpo.sk T: +42 1 51 75 60 330 / 329 | +42 1 915 930 307

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