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18/09/2024 - 19/09/2024

Circular Textiles Days-Match 2024 @Circular Textile Days September 2024

ONSITE CIrcular Conference 1931 Congress Centre Oude Engelenseweg 1 5222 AA ís-Hertogenbosch The Netherlands

Meet your future circular or sustainable business partner in the international circular textile business

CTD-Match @ Circular Textile Days in 's-Hertogenbosch on Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th September 2024.

This b2b is organized by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency / Rijksdienst Voor Ondernemend Nederland (RVO) as member of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) to bring European fashion and textile producers together to enhance opportunities and commercial partnerships finding partners for joint projects, exploring new markets as well as sharing knowledge, ideas, innovation and inspiration.

Who will benefit most from this event:

  • Exhibitors of the Circular Textile Days
  • Textile refurbishing, chemical and mecanical recycling
  • Companies Sorting/Dismantling Garments
  • Knowledge & Research Institutes · Corporate Fashion
  • Healthcare Textile
  • Public Service
  • Service Providers
  • Professional/Safety Wear
  • Interior Textile
  • Sports/Outdoor
  • Sustainable fashion labels and brands (garments/fashion/ accessories)
  • Designers ·
  • Sustainable Textile and Accessories’ manufacturing companies.
  • Retailers, Distributors, Importers, Sales Agents, Fashion Stores
  • Sustainable E-commerce Platforms
  • PR Agency, Coaching,
  • Marketing and Business Consultants
  • Life Cycle Analyses / Footprint Software
  • Digitalization Solutions 

All CTD-Match 2024 participants need to buy a ticket at the Circular Textile Days via https://www.circulartextiledays.com/tickets-circular-textile-days-2024/

Further information/How to register

Please contact the event organisers for further information

John O'Hara johnohara@leo.donegalcoco.ie

Event organiser website