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Belgian company operating in development and production management for fashion and sportswear, offers its services to fashion/sport labels and manufacturers under outsourcing agreement or subcontracting agreement




The Belgian company is providing services to fashion designers and established brands to help them build a strong internal structure ready to face supply chain protocols and good practices.

The manager offers to help starters and small and mid sized brands to make a successful transition from creation to industrial production.

The company is looking for partnerships under subcontracting agreement or outsourcing agreement.



The Belgian company created in 2017 is providing consulting services to emergent designers and established brands to help them build a strong internal structure ready to face supply chain protocols and good practices.

Thanks to its long corporate experience in the fashion industry the manager of the company advises starters, small and mid sized brands in the transition from creation to industrial production.

It guides brands gain mastery in sourcing, product development and production thanks to a unique working methods and practical tools created to simplify local and global supply chainís protocols. It partners with Belgian institutions to support young designers and fashion entrepreneurs establishing their labels on local and international markets. It advices R&D departments of design and fashion companies to help managers and executives build and collaborate in a harmonic, productive way by defining roles, training on soft skills regarding internal communication protocols with global suppliers and providing practical tools. It supports creatives in implementing their brands with the structure needed to be successful on the supply chain and market.

Industry: With more than 10 years experiences, it has developed the core of its activity in the sportswear, fashion, soft & hard sporting goods. The segment targeted is: growing start ups and small SME in the moment of growth and transition from small to medium teams in need of building an internal structure (HR and protocols) to resist to the changes and make room for growth.

Tech Packs & Bom: it provides professional production-ready technical packages for customers' suppliers or it helps optimising the existing ones to ensure a clear and efficient technical communication. Once materials are selected, it creates a bill of materials, the official document of production.

Samples management: it creates an action plan calendar with important deadline for the customer and its supplier to follow. It helps the SMEs establishing positive communication protocol with their manufacturing network, or it can manage it for the customer and make sure samples are delivered in house ready for every finning session and quality control. It builds quality reports and make sure correct samples are approved.

Timeline & planning: it supports the customer in the creation of a structure that will help having a clear overview of priorities and deadlines. It helps the customer create a yearly planning starting from its marketís deadlines. It creates a detailed timeline that will guide the customer through tasks and time management of the customer's internal team and external vendor.

Customized tools and templates: it has developed a range of tools 100% customisable to be adapted to customer's product and manufacturing network. These tools include complete tech packs and tech specifications, product costs breakdown, yearly planning, collection planning, production network overviews.

The company is offering a partnership under subcontracting agreement or outsourcing agreement. The company offers this type of partnership because a lot of start ups and SME's in the fashion industry doesn't have the internal human and financial resources to recruit a development product manager. This kind of partnership allows the companies to work with a professional expert under a defined outsourced mission based on their needs to professionalize the process from creation to industrial production.

Another target of the company are universities or fashion schools that could be interested to outsource or subcontract the implementation of technical and product management classes. It could help the company to be in contact with future fashion designers for a potential cooperation for the development product management.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: 1) SME facing business growth and in need of enlarge R&D department and train product manager and creative executives (junior designers and product developers). All companies requiring the implementation of new, defined protocols regarding communication practice with factories, technical communication, technical database, EU standards requirements.
2) Universities, fashion and design schools willing to update teaching offer dedicated to future fashion designers implementing technical and product management classes such as:
- Collection budgeting
- Collection planning
- Tech Packs Editing
- Communication protocols
- EU Standards and implementation on production lines
- Quality control
- Global supply Chain / good practice for good communication
- Development Budget
- Time management

Advantages & innovations:

Advantages: long experience with SME with an already set industrial production network.

The company exists since 2 years but the manager has a long corporate experience in establishing new, structured defined protocols of technical communication within design departments and suppliers, production sites. Long experience in purchasing and negotiation, calculation of unit price. Experience in building leadership and gain control of production process.
The company is able to communicate easily with major production sites in the world (China/ Tunisia/ Italy/ India)
The company is expert in EU Standard and regulations for:
- GGPS General Product Safety Directive (Directive 2001/95/EC)
- Textile Products (Labelling and Fibre Content) Regulation 2012 (Textile Regulation (EU) No 1007/2011

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