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A Belgian company offering artificial intelligence (AI), cloud computing, data science and business intelligence services is looking for partners under a subcontracting or outsourcing agreement




Belgian SME uses end-to-end development&integration for AI and cloud computing to serve clients active in any industry, e.g. retail, banking, telecom, healthcare, pharma or technology; that need to design&implement advanced data-driven automation solutions. The SME is looking for companies or universities that would like to use AI, machine learning, data science, and data management to improve their efficiency. The preferred way to cooperate would be under outsourcing or subcontracting agreement



The Belgian SME was established in 2019 and it provides AI, machine learning and data science solutions for companies and institutes. It was founded by a team of experienced engineers and business executives who want to apply their knowledge for solving business problems. The company combines the expertise of data strategy, data management, data modelling, data integration, and open source data technologies, frameworks, languages and libraries, with the experience to tailor them to specific business challenges by performing careful trade off analyses.
Moreover, the SME provides consulting services for data strategy and implementation for complex systems and organisations. The founders of the company have experience in:
• Healthcare
• Finance
• Media
• Telecom
Solutions can be designed for any industry or sector, to be deployed as on-premise or cloud-based applications. These solutions increase the productivity of other products and services significantly, by enabling data-driven time decision-making.
The expertise of the team is extensive in the following fields:
• Machine learning
• Predictive analysis
• Big Data
• Data Management
• Open Source
• Cloud computing
• Software development
The company provides services to clients in the European market, specifically in Belgium, and is willing to expand its operations to other markets and establish outsourcing or subcontracting agreements with other SMEs, universities and research centres.

The desired outcome of an outsourcing agreement would be an effective and efficient technological solution design and implementation by the Belgian company for its partner.

The desired outcome of a subcontracting agreement would be the efficient implementation of the sub-part of a partner’s overall project, product or service, and possibly the transfer of required skills via on-site or remote training for sustainable use of the implemented solution.

For both types of agreement the international cooperation is envisaged as the Belgian company implementing the work remotely with occasional on-site collaborations.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Belgian company is looking for cooperation with other companies, research centres and universities that need a partner - with experience in combining project management, consulting and knowledge management with expertise in data modelling, management, advanced analytics, data science, machine learning, cognitive systems, AI, cloud computing and innovation - for outsourcing or subcontracting agreements.

For outsourcing agreements, the Belgian SME is looking for SMEs, MNEs and R&D institutions that are active in sectors such as healthcare, finance, media and telecom. It can implement a well-defined part of the partner’s project or product which the partner cannot implement internally. The partner is expected to be the receiver of outsourcing services for efficient implementation of its overall project, service or product.

For subcontracting agreements, the Belgian SME is looking for SMEs, MNEs, R&D institutions and universities that are active in sectors such as healthcare, finance, media and telecom. It will work in close cooperation with the partner to implement a part of the partner’s project or product. The partner is expected to be the contractor that subcontracts part of the work to the Belgian company.

Advantages & innovations:

The company combines modern methodologies such as agile development, design thinking, user story mapping and co-innovation with traditional consulting methods to achieve the greatest results for each client.
• The company has a network of experts to tap into for particular specialties.
• The SME offers a competitive advantage through the development of solutions using big data analysis and visualisation systems.
• Its expertise and experience in linking business and technology in the fields of AI, data science and digitalisation provide value focus and optimal returns on investment (ROI) of solutions.
• The SME develops customised AI systems with the capability to enable machine learning and AI.
• The project and business driven focus of the company ensures that the solutions will be implemented in a cost-effective, controlled manner and scaled-up successfully.
• It has expert understanding on how to lead strategies into client's organisations and strategically steer projects.
• The offered solutions are flexible across many sectors.

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