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COVID-19: Cabin for head to toe disinfection of people is offered under distribution services agreement




A Bulgarian company active in the field of automation of industrial production offers for distribution a cabin for head to toe disinfection of people, which ensures prevention from further virus/bacteria spread, while also being harmless, safe to work within closed areas, easy for installation and use and customizable. The cabin is suitable for use in COVID-19 conditions and is also appropriate for disinfection and prevention against other pathogenic microorganisms.




In the conditions of Covid-19 pandemics, hygiene standards are higher than ever before. It is very important to have appropriate means for proper disinfection of people especially within closed areas.
Such an invention has been introduced to the market by a Bulgarian company with extensive know-how and experience in the production of machinery and peripheral equipment, as well as in specialized automation of industrial production and integration of robots. The company has developed an automated human disinfection cabin and is now looking for distribution partners for its market realization.

The cabin ensures head to toe disinfection of people. It is ATEX certified for equipment and protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. The cabin works with power supply of 220V, 200 W, 50Hz and has operating voltage of 24 V. For the disinfection, the cabin sprays certified biocide that is harmless to people. The tiny droplets settle on all surfaces such as clothes and shoes and eliminate bacteria and viruses. The cabin is equipped with no touch activation button in order to prevent further spread of virus and bacteria. The cabin is easy for installation, maintenance and use. It can be placed at the entry/exit of hospitals, offices, food manufacturing areas, schools and other places with high risk of contamination and/or requirements for high levels of hygiene. The spray time of biocide can be customized depending on request. For highly risky and contaminated areas, the use of protective clothing and longer disinfection time is suggested. Although inspired by the COVID-19 crisis, the cabin is also applicable for disinfection against other viruses/bacteria and suitable for exploitation in the activity of different branches/organizations the touristic and transport sectors, the logistics, agriculture, food manufacturers, restaurants, etc.

The company has over 30 years of experience in the development and implementation of specialized systems for automation of industrial production and is also specialized in the fields of mechatronic systems, VPN (virtual private network) diagnostics and services, industrial engineering, CAD (computer added design) and CNC (computer numerical control) processing.
The specialized robots of the company are exported to more than 30 countries around the world, e.g. Germany, the USA, Singapore, France, China, Brazil, Great Britain, South Korea, Mexico, Austria, Taiwan, Turkey, Spain, Malaysia, Croatia, India, etc.
Among its commercial partners are Siemens, Schneider Electric, General Electric and others. It works intensively with the Technical University Sofia and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences as well.

The company is a recognized innovator, possessing more than 25 patents, utility models and trademarks, having also been awarded many times: with the Award of the German Economy in Bulgaria, several times as Innovative Enterprise of the Year in the relevant national contest, at the International Technical Exhibition in Plovdiv, etc. It also got the right to use the brand Excellence in innovation at a ceremony with the participation of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The company is open to cooperation based on distribution services agreement with international partners who can support it in the process of marketing and sales of its disinfection cabin.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for distributors in the field of facility management, hospital disinfection equipment providers, hotel management, event management, who will take on the marketing and sales activities for the disinfection cabin. The company is flexible in terms of the conditions for the distribution contract.

Advantages & innovations:

This is the first ATEX certified cabin that is safe to work within closed areas.
The cabin is equipped with an outlet for the contaminated liquid to ensure prevention from further virus spread.
The disinfection cabin ensures a head to toe disinfection of people by mist spray of certified biocide that is harmless to people.
It is equipped with no touch activation button and light and sound signals for the start and end of the disinfection.
The cabin can be used everywhere - in hospitals, in food manufacturing or office spaces.

Development Stage:

Available for demonstration

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