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Bulgarian company is looking for foreign partnership for producing skydiving and paragliding equipment under manufacturing and distribution services agreements




A Bulgarian company, specialized in the production of skydiving and paragliding equipment, seeks partners who need such an equipment to be manufactured for them under manufacturing agreements, as well as distribution services agreements for selling their products abroad.
The companies that would be interested in a manufacturing agreement should be experienced in the manufacturing of similar type of goods and have the possibility of their subsequent distribution through their own channels.




A company from Northwestern Bulgaria is active in the field of manufacturing of skydiving and paragliding equipment. For almost 30 years, the company is one of the leading manufacturers in the country.
With production of over 50,000 harnesses for paragliding and, for a short time, over 1,000 rigs, they are one of the biggest companies in Eastern Europe in this industry. With the most modern technology, computerized equipment, the latest quality materials, and skilled professionals, the company is certified in all European standards for quality and safety.
The company has a modern production base. The production process involves precise measurements and methodical engineering design, a lot of imagination on the engineers' side, as well as the best machines and computers. Laser cutting machines and extremely accurate sewing machines are just the cherry from the top of the cake.
The company produces beautiful and comfortable skydiving harness in different versions. The goal is to create a suitable harness for all skydivers’ needs - for students and for experienced skydivers alike.
In the manufacturing of this new generation harness, the most advanced technologies and the best new materials known to the industry are applied. The harness permits opening by static line, instructor-assisted deployment (IAD) or accelerated freefall (AFF). The student enjoys perfect comfort and the instructors have the peace of mind. The student type comes standard with: cordura fabric, reserve static line (RSL) system, main deployment bag, hand deployed pilot chute, stainless steel reserve ripcord, pillow model cutaway handle, main risers, knife pocket on leg belt, automatic activation device (AAD) and pin check windows. Additional options are: manual ripcord activation (bottom of container or hip position) with spring loaded pilotchute, AFF secondary handles for hand deploy or spring loaded pilotchute, direct bag with static line, soft pad on the back, custom embroideries.
- cutaway pilot chute pouch (for AFF);
- optional static line cord;
- adjustable lateral straps (vertical and horizontal) to fit all size students;
- clear window for rescue pin check;
- clear window for AAD check;
- easy interchangable from static line to pilot chute;
- comfortable 3D space foam padding;
- magnetic riser covers;
- reserve static line/skyhook;
- optional pop top rescue version;
- optional custom embroidery;
- manual ripcord activation (BOC or hip position) with spring loaded pilotchute;
- AFF secondary handles for HD;
- direct bag with static line;
- student version.
Some of the products for paragliding that the company produces are:
- a harness that raises whole new standards regarding safety in paragliding;
- a safe aerobatic harness designed for having fun;
- a fuctional student harness, that comes with an integrated new generation light weight foam protector, which aims to put an end to the heavy and voluminous back protectors;
- a new conception harness that has as main feature its independent light weight back protector;
- a harness that integrates a new generation protector that combines the qualities of both air bag and foam protectors;
- a light weight, comfortable and safe harness, created for tandem passengers, that makes also a great instrument holder for the tandem pilot;
- a product of special design for tandem flights.
The company is looking for partners for distribution services agreement to sell its products as well as for manufacturing agreement.
Under manufacturing agreement, the Bulgarian company would manufacture a certain quantity of their products, upon specific request. The company wants to expand its export to new markets and is also looking for partners who will distribute its products in their countries.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Bulgarian company is looking for partners, for which to manufacture skydiving and paragliding products.
Type of collaboration: manufacturing and distribution services agreement.
The companies that would be interested in further cooperation should be experienced in the distribution of similar type of goods and have the possibility of their subsequent distribution through their channels.

Advantages & innovations:

The company successfully passed all tests and trials, and in 2010 it received European certification (AS8515B/64.084.001). Some of the company's advantages are:
- almost 30 years of experience on the market;
- established and well-known brand on the current markets;
- high quality products on competitive prices;
- quality standards and certificates;
- correctness, loyalty, and on-time deliveries.

Development Stage:

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