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A Cypriot manufacturer of a prototyped beach cleaning machine and representative of patented system for stopping sea erosion is seeking commercial agency agreements.




A Cypriot company, which is a manufacturer of the prototype of a beach cleaning machine as well as the agent of a French patented methodology system for preventing sea erosion, is looking for partners under commercial agency agreements. Potential agents can be companies from any coastal country.




The Cypriot company, which was established in 1970, is a designer and producer of the prototype of a beach cleaning machine as well as the agent of a French methodology system for stopping sea erosion.

The beach cleaning machine can clean both sand and gravel beaches. It can be used on both dry and wet sand. It can go up to one meter into sea water, and it is able to remove trash, glass, rocks, plastics, cans, and cigarette butts, etc from the beach sand. The beach cleaning machine can also clean beaches by removing oil spills from the sand and collecting seaweed and impurities in general. It is able to clean up to 30 cm in and out of the sea. Its area of performance comes up to 22 000 m2 per hour (220.000 sq.ft/h) depending on beach conditions.
The Cypriot company, as the producer of the prototype, has a manufacturing agreement with a French factory to manufacture the beach cleaning machine upon requests.

Regarding to the beach anti-erosion system, the Cypriot company has an exclusive agency agreement with another French company provider of written worldwide patented system, which has the capability to stop sea erosion and to create a tourist beach attraction by natural means. The system stops sea erosion with a natural method. It uses no energy. It also supplements the beach with sand identical to the coastal area’s sand and it works even better during storms.
The Cypriot company is the exclusive authorised representative of the French patented system for Cyprus and the Middle East.

The Cypriot company is looking for potential partners in the framework of commercial agency agreements. It is looking for agents on a commission basis from any coastal EU country, Middle East and surrounding countries in order to promote both the patented beach cleaning machine and the system which stops sea erosion. Potential partners should be companies which provide services to municipal and local governmental authorities of the interested markets as well as hotels for the implementation of such projects.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Potential partners should preferably be from any coastal country with tourist beaches and beaches with erosion problems.
Potential agents should be companies and hotels, which cooperate with municipal and local governmental authorities of their countries for the implementation of such projects (beach cleaning and stop sea erosion).
Potential agents should be trustworthy companies with trans-national cooperation experience.

Advantages & innovations:

Due to the almost fifty years of its establishment, the Cypriot company has an excellent experience in its field of activities.
The company's machinery and patent produced contribute to the improvement and the development of the environment.
The beach cleaning machine is already tested, very functional, and simple to operate. It is tractor trailed and it has very low operating costs. There is also a wide range of spare parts availability.
The system which stops sea erosion is very cost-effective compared to other coastal protection and enhancement methods. It does not create scarps/sand walls and it does not result in down-drift erosion. Also, it has no adverse environmental effects.

Development Stage:

Already on the market - The beach cleaning machine is already tested and it is ready for mass production and distribution. The methodology system for stopping sea erosion is already applied to several coastal areas in Europe with excellent results. It has already been patented in the European Patent Office.


Patents granted

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