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Expertise and experience in welding technology – German company seeks agents/distributors




An internationally renowned German expert in welding and electrode milling technology with 60 years of experience is looking for international agents and business partners for a commercial agency or distribution agreement.




This German company is an internationally renowened manufacturer in electrical resistance welding technology and has the longest history in welding technology on the German market. The company is constantly developing its products and technologies by cooperating closely with a German welding technology association as well as welding technology and research institutes.

The company supplies its customers with:

• Tip dressing units
• Dressing tool inserts
• Copper materials
• Refractory alloys
• Prefabricated parts
• Laser protection windows
• Tool / Accessories

The company offers a wide range of products of excellent quality e. g. in prefabricated parts in standardized design or according to customer requirements (electrodes/caps/holders, connection cables/shunts, contact nozzles/tips, SAW jaws/nozzles, gas distributors etc.).

The result of comprehensive know-how and market experience are trustworthy, long-term partnerships. The company's standard is to satisfy the high requirements of its partners in different industries.

The company's offers solutions for various branches:

- Automotive:
The automotive industry is developing rapidly. The result is modern vehicle types that reduce the burden on the environment and increasingly save energy. One of the major challenges is making the cars lighter and safer. As experts in all aspects of welding and milling technology, the company supports the innovative automotive industry with quality products and first-class service.
- Electrical industry:
Hardly any other branch is as highly innovative as the electrical engineering and electronics industry. Numerous companies in this segment are seen as drivers for digital transformation. They are a source of inspiration for every third innovation in the manufacturing sector. The company offers extensive know-how in welding technology and offer a wide range of electrode qualities for any application.
- Mechanical engineering
- Aerospace
- Shipbuilding
- Home appliance industry

The company supports its clients from strategic planning to implementation and after-sales service. Technical innovations in the manufacturing process as well as industry trends and individual customer requirements are taken into account.

The German manufacturer is willing to find international agents and distributors active in the field of welding engineering in order to expand internationally.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The German manufacturer is working closely with its clients. Those will be involved right from the start if they wish, in order to jointly define the requirements and find the optimum product solution for individual needs.

The German company is looking for business partners with experience in welding technology, especially in electrical resistance welding technology, and a broad network on their local markets. The company offers long-term cooperation and is interested in introducing and promoting its products and services on international markets.

Partnerships considered are commercial or distribution services agreeement.

Advantages & innovations:

Advantages of the WIRBALIT® copper materials are close tolerances, high rigidity, high electrical conductivity, high thermal conductivity, high softening temperature (approx. 500 degrees Celsius), economical processing and a consistently high quality.

Electrode tip dressers are used for quality assurance with exactly reproducible welding results, as they are indispensable in the automated production chain.
Due to decades of experience in application practice and the intensive exchange with their customers, the company has a deep understanding of the specific requirements in the respective industries. The company assemblies contain optimum solution contents for the most diverse electrode geometries - and that for virtually every application.

Development Stage:

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