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Danish retail agency offers service agreements to companies setting up their business in Denmark




The Danish company is a leading Nordic sales agency that makes tailored operational models from a strategic level to conquer the market segment for different brands and different market objectives. Together with their clients, they create and implement sales processes that deliver inspiring shopper experiences, based on strategic insights and using customised tools.
They are offering service agreements to brands or companies already engaged or trying to engage in Nordic retail.



The Danish company, established in 1976, startet out in the capital region of Denmark, then branched out over the years to Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo. They started out in communications, moved into marketing in the 90's, and developed their digital offering in 2005, which today makes them frontrunners within retail management.

From their offices in the Nordic capitals, they help international and local brands or companies reach their sales goals trough the following services.
* Help to find the optimal sales setup
* Recruitment and management of sales forces
* Conducting promotions and events
* Training of sales resources, negotiation and presentation skills
* Taking responsibility for their communication to and from the market using their own Retail-as-a-Service platform
* Finding the right locations
* Operating clients flagship stores
* They offer domiciliation
* Running the part of clients business that they may, can or will not do by themselves
* They encourage customers to analyse and plan their future actions based on the information they collect and their own strategic objectives.

Their clients are from all kinds of sectors. From hardware, interior, food & beverage to computers, software, telecom, games and cosmetics, jewellery and textile. Besides working with clients from the Nordics and Europe, they have clients from countries like Taiwan, China and US.

The desired outcome is more service agreements from international partnerships with brands and companies looking for inspiration and new ways-of-working to optimise their sales and marketing efforts in an efficient way.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Brands or companies already engaged or trying to engage Nordic retail, that are looking for a service provider/partner.

In Europe they are looking for:
Brands or companies across Europe that are looking for inspiration and new ways-of-working to optimise their sales and marketing efforts in an efficient way.

Advantages & innovations:

* A 360 degrees service provider with 18 years of retail experience serving some of the largest brands of the world
* Member of EFMP (European Field Marketing Partners)
* Omni-channel approach (end-user centric)
* Service portfolio: retail management, brand experience and digital solutions for sales organisations in the Nordics and abroad.
* Nordic setup with offices and legal entities in all Nordic capitals *Their own Retail-as-a-Service platform

Development Stage:

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Electronics \ Information Processing & Systems \ Telecommunications \ Food and Drink
Retail sale in non-specialised stores with food, beverages or tobacco predominating / Other retail sale in non-specialised stores / Retail sale of beverages in specialised stores / Other retail sale of food in specialised stores / Retail sale of computers, peripheral units and software in specialised stores
CONSUMER RELATED / Leisure and Recreational Products and Services / Sporting goods, hobby equipment and athletics clothes / CONSUMER RELATED / Leisure and Recreational Products and Services / Other leisure and recreational products and services / CONSUMER RELATED / Retailing / Clothing and shoe stores / CONSUMER RELATED / Retailing / Computer stores / CONSUMER RELATED / Retailing / Other retailing