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Spain company specialized in livestock tracking and monitoring devices seeks commercial agents




An SME from Spain offers its electronic device specialized in locating animals from livestock to control their welfare. The company is looking to establish commercial agency agreements with agents selling to large-scale farms.




The company arises from a real need for a livestock located in Ávila (Spain). Currently, the SME is located in Madrid and it has been active since 2008, developing hardware and software platforms. They are passionate about technology and their main goal is to help people in their daily lives, through the creation of new products and services based on IoT and Big Data analysis.
Up to date, the SME is present in national and international markets such as Europe, Nigeria, México, Colombia or Australia.
Regarding the device, it is a necklace that monitors the behavior of the animal and transmits the information automatically through a secure, private and inviolable network, to the different connected devices, such as a smartphone, computer or tablet. Later, this information is treated by behavioral algorithms that are displayed in a simple way in the user application. The IoT (Internet of Things) device collects through the sensors place in the necklace different variables like the animal's location, its surface temperature and the activity the animal, in such a way that the algorithms are able to detect anomalies the animals may have. This technology resembles the artificial intelligence systems in which the behavior and activity algorithms developed analyze continuously the data, learning to anticipate important events and generating notifications to the user when these events are detected: the movement of the animals (an animal that goes out, enters or does not enter an enclosure), heat, calving, estrus or parturition in the case of cows. Besides, the electronic crotales, communicate through the main device, creating a network capable of monitoring the whole herd and providing proximity information. This device is the most powerful animal tracking and monitoring system on the market, being able to find the animals wherever they are.
Last but not least, the device optimizes the battery so that in case of working with Sigofx it lasts one year, or in the case of working with GSM, it is longer than 6 months.
The SME is looking to establish commercial agency agreements to reach large-scale farms to continue expanding the device in international markets to increase the sales and numbers of the company. Besides, the company is also interested in reaching research centres interested in using the necklace in their research as a way of improving constantly the technology.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: Durability: Safe and robust. Water resistant IP67 waterproof

Environmental Impact: Ecological CE Certificate

Battery: Li-SOCL2 3.6V Type D. 1 year duration

Dimensions: Height: 106 mm. Width: 77 mm. Thickness: 50 mm. Weight 265 grams

Sigfox and GSM connectivity

Operating system: Android and IOS
- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Spanish company seeks for:

• Commercials reaching large-scale farms.
• Research centers whose projects are related to the animal sector.

Advantages & innovations:

This device provides:
• Theft detection: it warns you when the collar is not in the animal.
• GPS tracking and monitoring of animal activity
• Extended coverage area
• One-year duration battery
• Intuitive and easy to use application
• Lightweight and compact designed for animal comfort
• Reusable device
• Measurement of the animal's surface temperature

Development Stage:

Already on the market


Patents granted

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