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A French producer of handcrafted chocolates is looking for distributors




A French company manufacturing handcrafted chocolates is looking for partners that could distribute its brand under distribution service agreement across Europe, North America and Japan. The company is also interested to work under private label under manufacturing agreement.



Located in Normandy, the French SME is a family-owned company. It was founded in 1991, when two master chocolate makers decided to associate. Year after year, they developed their expertise based on a fierce determination to use products coming for most from organic farming and raw materials manufactured under the Fairtrade label or top-quality certifications. They persist in making by hand their pure cocoa butter chocolates, without using any vegetable fat.

The chocolate factory offers several ranges of products. Most of them are available all year round and others seasonally:
• Fairtrade and Organic chocolates: composed of a wide range of products such as pralines, candied fruits coated, hollows…
• Tuiles: milk, white, dark or caramel chocolate with diverse inclusions such as hazelnuts or caramel pieces.
• Candied fruits: orange, lemon, ginger or cherry peels, coated with dark chocolate
• Chocolates assortment: filled with delicious milk, white or dark chocolate pralines.
• Mendiants: dark, milk or caramel flavored and decorated with dried fruits (almonds, hazelnuts, raisins…).
• Seasonal mouldings: a collection of original chocolate shapes for Christmas (Santas, caribous, christmas tree…) or Easter (rabbits, hens, bells…).

The company is used to work under private label and has the capacity to respond most of the requests in terms of packaging.

Thanks to its dynamic sales force, the company is now well established and has a strong presence both on national and international markets. Benefiting from a 10 years’ experience in the international stage, the company is now exporting in Europe, Japan, in the US and in the Middle East.

The company wants to develop and strengthen the distribution network in order to increase its export turnover. To this end, it is looking for new partners under distribution service agreements, such as wholesalers, importers or retail chains in Europe, particularly in Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, and Germany but also in North America and Japan. The company is also interested by opportunities in other countries.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for wholesalers, importers or retail chains in Europe, North America and Japan under manufacturing service agreements.
The partner could be distributors from grocery stores, natural food stores and retailers.
The partner will have to represent, sell and take care of the distribution of the products.
The company is used to do private label.

Advantages & innovations:

• Know-how: the company makes sure to maintain, within its workshop, a handmade know-how since more than a quarter-century.
• Pure cocoa butter: all the products contain only pure cocoa butter, with no vegetable fat.
• Innovations: the company continues to innovate and invent new products, exploring new tastes and recipes, traditional or exotic, but always to please everyone.
• Raw materials: the company is looking for high quality raw materials: cocoa from Dominican Republic, cane sugar from Paraguay, Madagascar vanilla, hazelnuts from Italy, almond from Spain…
• Commitments: in 1996, concerned by environmental protection and small cocoa producers, the company decided to offer products with both organic and Fairtrade/Max Havelaar labels.
• Quality: IFS-certified, the company carries numerous and rigorous controls from the reception of raw materials to the shipping of finished goods.
• Adaptation capacity: the export department is able to adapt packaging as well as products to any requirements and expectations from different countries.

Development Stage:

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