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? Greek SME active in the production of storage and installation systems for all purposes, is looking for distributors.




A Greek company is based in Athens Greece, and is specialised in the production of a wide range of metal shelves and other structures, used for storing and displaying products. The company was established in 1996, and is able to provide a wide range of ready to use products. Its main feature, is the capability to provide also customised solutions, in order to serve all storage requirements. The company is looking for distributors in Europe or third countries in order to enhance its exports.




The company is based in Athens, Greece and produces a wide range of metal shelves and other structures, used for storing and displaying products.
The company has more than 20 years of experience, in designing and producing storage equipment for the Greek market, using the latest available technology.
During its activity time, the company has invested in qualified personnel and production methods, in order to meet high standards for their products in the field of metal rack manufacturing and other storage systems.
The company applies all the required certification standards for strength and quality and specializes in the following systems:
Perforated corner plates and shelves.
Fino shelves (Do It Yourself).
Super Market shelves and department stores.
Lightweight rigid shelves without screws.
Semi-weight racks (midi rack).
Heavy rack – heavy pack pallets.
Drive-in heavy-duty pallet racks used for pallet storage (based on Last In First Out and First In First Out method)
Cantilever shelves with wide loading range.
Metal cabinets and cabinets in packs.
Metal cabinets with plastic drawers / boxes.
The company currently owns 10.500 square meters of private space, and is planning to expand its activities to a larger space. The company is also planning to invest on new machinery equipment in order to expand their production range.
The manufacturing procedure complies with all safety standards for the staff. The company undertakes regularly training activities for the personnel, following new market requirements.
The company’s three major fields of activities of the company, are the following:
1. Design (warehouse / store)
The company undertakes the study and design of customers' space, in order to meet their requirements as well as their specification.
2. Fitting
The company’s specialised technicians are able to assemble the new equipment, applying their know-how and safety rules.
3. New Product Design
The company’s experienced personnel are able to provide customised solutions and design of new products that can ideally serve any additional specific demands of the customers.
The company’s goal is to fully cover the needs of modern storage spaces. Their daily rate of development, has ranked the company among the top 100 metal-processing factories in Greece, with more than 9.500 satisfied customers.
In order to expand its export activities, the company is looking for distributors in Europe or third countries, willing to represent them by promoting and selling its products through long-term distribution services agreements.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Businesses or individuals active in the field of industrial and storage equipment, willing to promote and sell the company's products in Europe and third countries. Cooperation is envisaged under a longterm distribution services agreement.

Advantages & innovations:

The company’s main goal is to provide qualified storage solution for all their customers. Safety standards are applied to both manufacturing procedure and final products.
The company has a big variety of products, in terms of dimensions, in order to cover all standard needs. Furthermore, the company is capable of designing and producing new products in order to cover tailor-made additional demands of customers.
Shelves production is based on the latest technological equipment, laser machines, automatic multiplexers, CNC punches and drills.
The development of the company has led to the establishment of new product lines, including rolling racks for pallets in order to maximize storage utilization.
All the above conventional or tailor made products, are offered in very competitive prices in comparison to the european market.

Development Stage:

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