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Israeli developer of safety system for two-wheelers that uses proprietary sensors, AI and spatial audio synthesis to help users to perceive safety threats is looking for joint venture agreement




An Israeli company has developed innovative safety systems for powered two-wheelers that can be mounted on any helmet. The system uses proprietary sensors, AI and spatial audio synthesis to detect safety threats around the user and provides the user with a natural representation of the threats which includes the distance, angle and speed of the oncoming threat. The company seeks partners under joint venture agreement and distribution serviced agreement.



An Israeli tech company specializes in safety systems for powered two-wheelers has developed augmented audio solutions system that detects safety threats around the rider and notifies him in an intuitive way. The company was established back in 2018, and as of today its staff includes 3 employees. The technology can be mounted on any helmet and uses dedicated AI sensors suite to continuously track moving vehicles up to 80m away and can track up to 60 threats simultaneously, the data integrated from all sensors and converted into spatial audio synthesis, so the user hears natural representation of surrounding vehicles’ relative angle, distance and velocity.
The system provides the rider two layers of protection:
-Collision warning, based on the position and speed of the vehicles closest to the helmet wearer, a sound alert is heard from the direction in which a collision is expected.
- Ride immersion, eliminates the background noise created by the wind and simulates vehicle acoustics. In this way, the system expands the rider's perceptual awareness and makes it possible to make the right decisions in real time. The product is in advanced stages of development with four prototypes ready for demonstration and will be launched  very soon.  
The company seeks partners to cooperate under joint venture agreement. The partners could be helmet manufacturers who will integrate the system in their product or offer the solution to their customers, motorcycle/ bicycle manufacturers who will offer the system to their clients. Also, the partners could be insurance or eCall providers, who will suggest the product in order to offer competitive premiums and reduce risk to their clients. In addition, the company is looking for distributors in the field of helmets, communication and motorcycles, their role would be to help the company reach its end customers: two-wheelers riders.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company seeks partners under joint venture agreement. Partners such as helmet manufacturers who would integrate the company's system in their product. They also wish to partner with motorcycle/ bicycle manufacturers who would offer the solution to the end clients. The partners could be insurance or eCall providers that will incentivize the end clients to buy the product to reduce risk and get competitive premiums. Also, the company is looking for distributors in the field of helmets, communication and motorcycles, to sell the product to the end customer.

Advantages & innovations:

- The company has a patent protecting the system and method.
- The company has expertise in development of high-performance sensors which allowed the company to develop the smallest sensor of its kind in the world.
- The device emulates vehicle acoustics and dynamics.
- The product is user-friendly and it’s possible to perform a self-installation.
- User head position is analyzed to determine if user is looking in direction of the threat
- Use of existing existing hardware to allow for spatial communications between users
-Detection and recording of accident dynamics for unique eCall implementation

Development Stage:

Prototype available for demonstration - The company has manufactured four prototypes for testing and demonstration. The primary components of the prototypes are mature enough for product.


Secret Know-how,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted

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