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Italian SME working with wastewater and waste-to-energy plants seeks partners in Europe




The Italian SME has over 20 years of experience in designing and building biogas and biomethane plants with waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment technologies. Its portfolio covers every aspect of the waste-to-energy and wastewater treatment value chain with efficient, sustainable and economically viable solutions. Partners are sought under commercial agency agreement or financial agreement.



The Italian engineering company offers a wide range of technologies used for designing and building wastewater treatment and waste-to-energy plants with the ultimate goal of providing solutions for the efficient management of resources and clean energy provision. Proven solutions include:
- complex organic waste handling
- ultra-highly-efficiency energy production
- optimized use of product resources
- comprehensive odour management.

As regards its expertise in renewable energy, the company has extensive experience with anaerobic digestion facilities. Specifically, it is able to deliver comprehensive solutions to convert organic waste into renewables using:
- organic waste
- manure
- biosolids
- energy crops
- poultry manure
- food waste
- agricultural waste
- slaughterhouse waste
- sludges

Regarding the field of wastewater management, the Italian SME proposes comprehensive solutions to reclaim industrial wastewater and high-strength liquid streams, in particular focusing on:
- paper mills
- food processing
- chemical plants
- textile plants
- pharmaceutical
- liquid industrial waste
- oil & gas.

The offered technologies are at different stages of development according to the case. The Italian SME can count on patented technologies as well as on early-stage solutions to be further improved with investments in research and development, all supported by an internal laboratory which can easily help this improvement. The SME registered 5 patents granted in Italy, France and Spain, and also applied for patents in the USA, UE and South Korea as well that have not been granted yet.

The company is currently looking for new partners preferably from Europe. However, requests from potential partners from other regions of the world will also be evaluated. The framework of the proposed cooperation is to be identified in a commercial agency agreement or in a financial agreement. Partners can be companies, agents, institutions, private investors, research centres and universities according to the expected kind of partnership.

Specifically for a commercial agency agreement, sought partners should have the technological know-how of the field as well as a solid presence in the market of their countries. Ideally, this kind of cooperation would lead to the construction of new plants using the expertise and the disruptive technologies offered by the Italian SME.

Investors are also addressed for a financial agreement that would allow to further improve the company’s existing technologies and enlarge its sales network.

The SME is also open for new partnerships for research and further develop their technologies, as well as for partners interested in submitting projects to EU calls.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Currently, the Italian engineering company is looking for new partners preferably from - but not limited to - Europe.
The proposed partnership should be envisaged under a commercial agency agreement or a financial agreement.

1) Commercial agency agreement
Type of partners: companies or agents operating in the field of wastewater and waste-to-energy technologies and facilities and with adequate financial possibilities.

Role of partners: helping developing the Italian SME sales network working strictly connected to the living countries with a strong knowledge of rules and specifications for permitting and processing to enlarge its business possibilities. Partners shall act as a reference point in their country for the construction, revamping and maintenance of wastewater treatment and waste-to-energy plants. Partners would extensively benefit from the Italian SME expertise, solid know-how and availability of innovative technologies.

2) Financial agreement
Type of partner: companies, institutions, private investors interested in investing in innovations for environmental new technologies and facilities.

Role of partners: helping developing the Italian SME sales network to enlarge the business possibilities for all the involved parties. Partners would extensively benefit from the Italian SME expertise, solid know-how and availability of innovative technologies.

The Italian SME is also open to possible partners to be involved in the process of research and development helping the Italian SME further improving its existing technologies or joining international consortiums for taking part in EU-funded programs.

Advantages & innovations:

The Italian SME offers reliable and disruptive expertise in the field of waste-to-energy plants and wastewater treatment. During more than 20 years in these fields, the company built over 150 wastewater treatment and waste-to-energy plants.

With a combination of mechanical, chemical and process engineers, working closely with biologists as well, the Italian SME relies on a technical team which designs, delivers and maintains its industry-leading anaerobic digestion-based waste-to-energy and complex wastewater treatment solutions.

Thanks to the presence of a laboratory-based at the company, the SME continuously focuses on research and development as well. This asset allows the SME to conduct experiments either at its lab or using the costumers’ facilities aiming at further improving the used technologies and experimenting with prototypes prior to the construction of complete plants.

Furthermore, the extensive experience of the Italian SME in building biogas plants strengthened its ability to reuse every organic waste material including OFMSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Wastes) processed with a piece of special patented equipment which allows separating the organics from plastics, sands and other non-organic materials.

The Italian SME is committed to delivering a fully operational facility within the shortest lead-time being able to offer a great level of customisation guaranteeing the fulfilment of specific costumers’ needs and requests. Its technologies are specifically designed to minimize energy consumption and operational costs.
In addition, through constant research, the Italian SME is also implementing a new ammonia recovery technology and has recently developed a new semi-wet solution applicable to organic waste compliant with NEW EU Reg.2019/1009.

Development Stage:

Already on the market


Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Patents granted,Granted patent or patent application essential - The SME registered 5 patents granted in Italy, France and Spain, and also applied for patents in the USA, UE and South Korea as well that have not been granted yet.

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