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A Korean company seeks global distributors or manufacturers for a low-temperature gas plasma sterilizer and plasma surface treatment solution with an innovative plasma technology




A manufacturing Korean company with expertise in producing low temperature gas plasma sterilizers and plasma surface treatment solutions is looking for global distributor specialized in medical equipment for product sales as well as ODM or OEM business under licence agreement or manufacturing agreement. Target markets would be hospitals, clinics, and Li-ion battery manufacturers etc where strict management of sterilization is the top priority.




A technology-based start-up company that produces low-temperature plasma sterilizers for medical use is seeking distributor of medical equipment for product distribution and selling under licence agreement or manufacturing agreement as the company is willing to contribute to the international medical industry with its innovative products.

Previously, almost a refrigerator-sized large sterilizer manufactured by major global companies had high demands. Thus, its application was quite limited to large hospitals. Comparatively small hospitals such as ophthalmology and dentistry where small medical devices are still needed to be cleaned and sterilized had to go through manually.
Such issues with the conventional sterilizers were solved by the compact-sized low-temperature plasma sterilizers developed by this Korean company.

The company has developed the world’s first pouch-type sterilization which allow 7-minutes fast sterilization possible. This compact-sized (almost palm-sized) pouch type device can accommodate small medical tools. The top part of the pouch contains 0.1cc, a very small amount of hydrogen peroxide as a sterilant.

The product is not only 10 times faster than other sterilizers, but also great to prevent secondary contamination thanks to its vacuum-sealed packaging technology that secure safety of sterilant stored inside.

The device can be widely used regardless of size and materials: it can be applied for both metal/non-metal medical devices even in micro-size.

Main features of the products are as follow:
- Vaccum sealed pouch can be stored up to 6 months in sealed sterile condition
- Does not require chamber cleaning as it leaves no residue in the chamber
- Vaccum condition visualizes the sterile condition and prevents second contamination
- Sterilant is stored safely inside the pouch which prevents any hazards from chemical exposure

In addition to the medical sterilization devices, the company has also developed a novel atmospheric plasma source-the plasma surface treatment solution-with high spatial uniformity and process stability.
- The plasma surface treatment is considered as a key technology and process in manufacturing li-ion battery since this process contributes to the development of high-performance and high-reliability battery separator film.

To summarize, an innovative manufacturing Korean company specializes in producing low temperature gas plasma sterilizer and plasma surface treatment solution with special plasma technology is currently seeking global distributors particularized in medical equipment to collaborate over ODM or OEM business under license agreement. Also, the Korean company will be act as a manufacturer of the products they offer to sell under manufacturing agreement.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The potential international partner is expected to be act as a distributor specialized in medical equipment. The ideal task of the partners will be in charge of product distribution and selling under licence agreement or manufacturing agreement. Under the manufacturing agreement, the Korean company will take a role as a manufacturer of the products they wish to sell abroad, such as low temperature gas plasma sterilizers or plasma surface treatment solution.

Advantages & innovations:

1. Sterilizer
- Low temperature plasma sterilizer for sterilization of various medical devices (14L, 7L)
- 7 minutes sterilization time(10times faster) through patented direct injection pouch technology
- Safe and longer reservation after sterilization with vacuum sealed pouch
- Eco-friendly sterilization that breaks down into water and oxygen
- Real time monitoring with ITS (Instrument Tracking Service) program
- Can be installed anywhere with compact size(67kg)
- Option to choose 3 mode selection: pouch mode, pouch plus mode, chamber mode

2. Surface treatment
- Selective treatment (spatial resolution: less than 1mm)
- Stable glow plasma discharge by pre-discharge
- Compact design for saving space and convenience
- Safety by low temperature operation
- High performance to enhance adhesion strength

Development Stage:

Already on the market


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