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A Polish producer of smart, adaptive and decorative LED Lighting is looking for distributors




A Polish company established in 2015 as a technology manufacturer offers its own internationally developed IoT products. One of them is intelligent, adaptive and decorative LED lighting, aimed at both B2B and B2C sectors. As a system producer, the company guarantees a flexible approach to international cooperation with the possibility of introducing quick product upgrades in line with the requirements of individual customers. The company is looking for distribution agreements.




The company’s offer is an extensive family of intelligent LED lighting products targeted at many sectors of the economy. The system lets user to control decorative lighting in real time via a mobile application that allows the management of single pixels (LED diode), which is an innovation on a global scale. Thanks to this, the quality of the offered backlight is at the highest level, the effects available from the level of the mobile application are varied, and the users can create their own lighting scenery. Decorative solutions have one more very important utility feature - they do not require the use of additional drivers or hubs (as in competing solutions), so they can be used anywhere, minimizing the activities associated with system installation. This is possible thanks to the use of a proprietary solution and embedding the Wi-Fi driver directly into the LED strip, which only requires connection to the power supply for proper operation. The company’s products mean not only beautiful decorative lighting, but also much greater efficiency and energy savings in comparison to traditional products.

The company’s product is an innovation in the field of modern LED lighting in homes and office spaces. The integrated system of lighting auto-adaptation allows user to reduce energy costs by up to 60%, while meeting the applicable standards. The system automatically reduces the light intensity during longer absences or in strong natural light. Currently, it is the first solution of this type built into an LED lamp or strip in the world. A significant characteristic of this solution is the possibility of introducing inteligent, adaptive lighting without the need to create a complicated electrical network in both newly constructed and renovated large-scale buildings (e.g. hospitals), which translates into a significant reduction in implementation and service costs. Another desired function is the lack of the need to use a number of additional external sensors (e.g. motion/presence sensor) due to the use of an electronic module that independently verifies the required external parameters. The possibility of automatic adaptation of lighting parameters, as an integral element of the lamp, is the greatest feature of the solution that distinguishes the project from competitive solutions.

Due to the fact that the company's products gain recognition on the domestic market and have been awarded for their innovativeness, it is looking for foreign distributors in order to launch the sale of its innovative products on new markets and increase the range.

Partner expertise sought:

- Type of partner sought: Due to the wide range of products offered, technical specifications are available directly from the manufacturer.
- Specific area of activity of the partner: Due to the development of and great interest in products resulting mainly from savings guaranteed by the use of the solution, the company is looking for partners/distributors on foreign markets. Potential partners/distributors include: companies offering decorative home and office lighting, lighting system installers, and interior design stores. Due to the wide range of services, we are willing to contact companies such as furniture manufacturers, decorative lighting manufacturers, and interior designers in order to adapt the product to the specific requirements of a given market and the needs of a given sector.

Advantages & innovations:

Advantages and Innovations:

- The company solution is a modern line of lighting products that combines the convenience of using a mobile application, simplicity due to the elimination of a central hub and lighting energy savings, in addition to aesthetic and functional values,

- Solution is an auto-adaptive lighting for office spaces. Automatic detection of people at the desk and dimming the lamp in their absence can save up to 60% of energy costs.

- Configuration using the mobile application allows you to change the colour or tone of white colour in the case of office lighting, which further increases comfort and minimizes eye fatigue.

- Solution is offering simplicity, ease of use, and modernity, but also savings and no need to have a dedicated smart-home or smart-buildings infrastructure.

Development Stage:

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