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The Portuguese company specialized in software for monitoring probes & sensor systems in real time is looking for partners under a distribution services agreement and/ or a commercial agency agreement with technical assistance.




An IT (Information Technology) Portuguese SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) which developed a suite of software modules is willing to interact with many types of probes & sensor systems with transversal application to many markets.

It is looking for business partners for a distribution services agreement and/ or a commercial agency agreement.



The Portuguese company developed a software platform, supported by a MySQL (Structured Query Language) database, which interfaces with four modules, with the following characteristics:
Collector - The module that already collects data from a wide range of probes and sensor systems. Adding new sensors is easy process and with reduced time.
Communicator - Today it is fundamental to incorporate standards (TCP / IP - Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, ODBC - Open Database Connectivity, Open Source Tools). All data and/ or information will not be retained in the platform. Sending an alarm via email, SMS or voice call is already an embedded feature. Systems that need to be fed with data / information have gateways available or we have the ability to create them.
Presenter - Data transformed into information, on any user friendly device, gives the power to have better and faster information and make a wiser decision. Also has the ability to interact with new types of devices as they become available.
Manager - Management of locations, devices, groups and users, (independently of their IT literacy), as well as providing reports and alarm parameters whilst constantly dedicating time to tasks monitoring.
It is very simple to install and configure (it runs in the most common virtual servers), with a low level of resources (one virtual processor, two GB of memory and twenty four GB (gigabytes) of disk), could scaled vertically and horizontally and no limit of numbers of users. No application is needed from the end user side.
Due to its independence from manufacturers, integration with other existing monitoring systems is possible, mitigating, if necessary, the cost of expansion, especially if other types of probes or protocols / communications are needed.

The company is looking for partners with a success interaction and integration with, at least, one of the vertical markets and IT (Information Technology) expertise to establish a distribution services agreement and/ or a commercial agency agreement.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The partner should be a Company with a good interaction with, at least, one of the vertical markets and good IT (Information Technology) expertise.

The partner should be able to present, sell, install and provide training, maintenance and 1st line technical support after the installation.

The company is looking for partners to establish a distribution services agreement and/ or a commercial agency agreement with technical assistance.

Advantages & innovations:

The main differentiators are as follows:

Manufacturers Independence: one can collect data from probes and sensor systems produced by different manufacturers, integrate into a dashboard and deliver it as a single presentation (via browser) to the end user.

Web-based & Multilingual: one can access the available information, through a secure browser with user authentication (tablet / smartphone included), in the language that you want, from anywhere in the world through an internet connection.

Multiple Units of Measure: one can mix and match different units of measurement on the platform. The dashboard or graphic generator can display, at the same time, the various ambient conditions, such as, temperature (C or F), brightness (Lux) and CO2 ( carbon dioxide) value in in percentage or ppm (parts per million).

Connections & Gateways: one can be connected to different physical media and protocols, as well as, with alarm, quality and building management systems. Nonconforming situations (Alarms) can be sent by Mail, SMS or Voice, depending on the options of the administration group.

Also the licensing is done by measuring point and not by probe or sensor, with the following advantages:
- Replacement of existing probes or sensors by others of different type or in case of failure;
- Maintain historical data of the probe or sensor replaced.

Development Stage:

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