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Romanian manufacturer of robinia wood garden furniture is looking for distributors and is offering its services as subcontractor or manufacturer




With more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing wood garden furniture, a Romanian company from Transylvania is interested in approaching new markets and enlarging its partners’ portfolio. Already engaged in trans-national cooperation, the Romanian company is open for cooperation with foreign partners interested in robinia wood garden furniture, on the basis of distribution services agreement and subcontracting or manufacturing agreement.



Established in Transylvania in 1993, the Romanian company is active in the field of manufacture of other furniture. The company is manufacturing garden furniture made of robinia wood and other solid wood.
Robinia (Robinia pseudoacacia) is an American native tree that grows fast and uniform, sometimes up to 30 m. This tree’s special characteristic is resistance, which makes it a perfect raw material for garden furniture. Thus, robinia is the perfect choice for outdoor furniture, for it is naturally resistant and generally does not require chemical wood preservation.
The Romanian company has all technical endowment so as the 15 professional employees can work together to manufacture a wide range of robinia wood chairs, tables, benches, sunbeds and garden products, both with own design and customized according to clients’ demands.
Already involved in trans-national cooperation, the Romanian company is for years a reliable partner and supplier for a number of European companies active in the same or a related field of activity.
Willing to extend its market and enlarge its client portfolio, the Romanian company is looking for a distributor to sell its own designed garden wood products on the international market. Also, the company is open to collaborate with other similar companies from abroad so as to manufacture the entire finished wooden products required by the foreign partner, based on a manufacturing agreement, or to manufacture wooden component as an input raw material or semi-finished good on the basis of a subcontracting agreement.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Romanian company is interested in the following cooperation types:
-Distribution services agreement: the company is looking for an international distributor to sell the Romanian design garden wood products abroad. The partner sought should have relevant experience in the field of distributors, imports and wholesalers so as to proper promote and sell the products on the external market. As the partner sought will play an essential role in connecting the Romanian manufacturer and its potential international customers, the distributor can even create value-added packages that would complement company’s product offering.
-Manufacturing Agreement: in terms of manufacturing, the partner sought can be a company from the wood sector or a related filed of activity (home, office or professional furnishing), looking for manufacturers able to produce garden wood products according to their technical requirements.
-Subcontracting: the potential partner should be a foreign company looking for a manufacturer of wooden products that can offer wooden components so as to be used as an input raw material or semi-finished good

Advantages & innovations:

- more than 25 years of experience in manufacturing wood garden furniture;
- reliable and constant supplier for various companies/ partners in Germany, Hungary, Nordic countries etc.;
- properly technical endowment and professional employees;
- quality robinia wood garden furniture and related products, in-time delivery and fair & reasonable prices.

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