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A Romanian producer of anchoring and lifting systems is looking for international partners under manufacturing agreements




The Romanian enterprise manufactures anchoring straps, lifting straps, textile lifting sleeves, lifting chains and accessories. The products are mainly destined for transport and construction industries.

The Romanian SME is now looking forward to increasing its portfolio with enterprises of any size that want to establish a long-term collaboration under manufacturing agreements.



The Romanian company has been established in 2014 in the West Region of Romania and currently has over 40 employees. The enterprise produces anchoring and lifting products such as: anchoring straps, lifting straps, textile lifting sleeves, lifting chains and accessories.

The main product range includes:
1. Lifting systems:
Textile lifting straps with ears/ gussets from 1 tone to 24 tones, with dimensions ranging from 1 m to 14 m
• Circular textile lifting straps from 1 t to 24 t
• Tubular lifting straps
• Lifting chains
• Technical straps (car lifting straps, lifting straps for barrels handling)
• Container lashings
• Wire ropes slings

2. Anchoring systems:
• straps for furniture, household appliances and bulky items manipulation/transport
• truck and vehicles lashing straps
• auto transport straps
• straps components: hooks, rings
• non-slip mats
• locking and anchoring bars
• aluminium profiles
• anchor chains and cables
• anti-theft systems for semitrailers
• tarpaulin systems
• traction and lifting winches
• cracking keys
• removable trailer rings
• straps for furniture, household appliances and bulky items manipulation/transport
• anchoring mesh

The company’s technical endowment and the internal capabilities include the following:
• Wrapping Machine
• Binding Machine
• Rolling & Cutting Machine
• Cutting Machine
• Automatic Sewing Machine

The company engages its clients in the entire production process and provides the following additional services:
• Consulting- in order to choose the suitable products and the best alternative;
• Designing- the final version of the product;
• Manufacturing the products;

The SME works both with national and international suppliers. The enterprise has implemented an integrated quality system which includes ISO 9001 certification. The products manufactured by the Romanian company are products approved and certified according to the European Standard.

All the products are made based on the customer's requirements and needs. The Romanian company is working with it’s design or with the client’s design based on the following mandatory specifications:
• The delivery time;
• The production quantity;
• The technical specifications;
The lead time depends on the complexity and quantity of the finished goods and will be settled through the agreement.

The company is now looking to further expand its portfolio and to strengthen its presence worldwide through new long-term partnerships and therefor is envisaging to collaborate with other companies under the form of manufacturing agreements.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Romanian enterprise is now looking to further expand its international network with enterprises of any size that want to establish a long-term collaboration.

Partners should provide specifications of the products regarding the following aspects:
• the technical specifications;
• the delivery time;
• the production quantity;

The company is looking to establish new partnerships under the form of manufacturing agreements mainly with companies active in the construction or field, or with any other companies that need anchoring and lifting systems, tailored to their needs and requests.

Specific collaboration conditions will be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

Advantages & innovations:

The company’s expertise relies on a considerable experience in producing anchoring and lifting systems.

Among the advantages of working with the Romanian enterprise are the following:
• Over 5 years of experience in designing and manufacturing anchoring straps, lifting straps, textile lifting sleeves, lifting chains and accessories;
• Custom production based on the clients' requirements and specifications;
• Adaptability to clients demand from design to the final version;
• Experience in international cooperations - their client portfolio includes companies from Germany, Switzerland, France and Italy;
• Special attention to quality management;
• Safety is the company’s main priority;

Development Stage:

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