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A Romanian company, producing beehives, cages for dogs, birds houses and crates (boxes with different destinations) seeks manufacturing agreements




A Romanian company, located in the South Muntenia region, is mainly active in the production of beehives, frames, diaphragms, pollen collectors, etc.
The company is also involved (to a small extent) in the production of cages for dogs, houses for birds, and crates (boxes with different destinations).
The company is looking for partners to establish production agreements on the European market.




The Romanian company, established in 2005, and since 2012 is a specialized producer of wooden beehives, cages for dogs, birds houses and crates (boxes with different destinations), in the South Muntenia region.
The Romanian company can execute, at the client's request, fully equipped wooden beehives, as well:
1. Cover - wooden frame with panel, covered with galvanized sheet, covering the entire hive;
2. Feeding pod - a device built so that sugar syrup can be used for feeding bees in winter or during long rainy seasons. Its construction depends on the type of hive;
3. Frames - wooden frames on which artificial honeycombs are fixed from beeswax and on which the honeycombs of the nest will develop;
4. Multi-storey body - is practically the box in which are all the other elements of the hive, without cover and bottom. Basically, the 4 side walls were placed and joined according to the type of hive;
5. Fixed or removable bottom, full or not (antivarroa) - protects the bottom of the hive and is thus built to allow bees to enter and exit the hive. The place must have a certain size because, if it is too small, the bees will close it with wax, and if it is too large, it will form honeycombs;
6. Feeding bees;
7. Diaphragms;
8. Pollen collector
The company can execute at the request cages for dogs and houses for the birds of different sizes and models, which are made of dry and treated wood board with maximum durability and weather resistance. Also, the Romanian company can make any type of crate, box, packaging for different destinations on the basis of manufacturing agreements. At the same time, the company can carry out wood processing works for various destinations.
The main type of timber used by the company in the manufacture of hives or boxes is the fir wood (softwood timber), but at the customer's request can be used hardwood (oak or beech). The wood is finished and lacquered with paints resistant to the outside and in pastel colors.
All the equipment used to produce the hives are the latest generation, purchased in the years 2018 - 2019 which ensures the production of a large number of hives or boxes.
With great potential, the company seeks international cooperation in the form of a manufacturing agreement in all EU countries, offering the manufacture of products at the customers' request.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Romanian company would like to establish long-term cooperation with companies in the wood sector or with a similar sector of activity, who are looking for producers capable of producing wooden hives, cages for dogs, birds houses and crates (boxes with different destinations) according to clients standards and requirements. (Manufacturing Agreement)

Advantages & innovations:

Main advantages aspects of the company and its products are:
- The company has 7 years of experience in the production of beehives, cages for dogs, birds houses and crates (boxes with different destinations);
- The products are quality, durable and long-term resistant to the effects of the weather, penetration of infiltration or pests in the boxes made;
- The Romanian company uses the latest generation production equipment, recently acquired through the European project;
- The Romanian company has a permanent improvement of its business and production processes.

Development Stage:

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