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Romanian company offering integrated 3D printing is searching for partners in the framework of a manufacturing or outsourcing agreement




The company is located in the western part of Romania, and offers complete and high-end 3D printing services – from modelling, prototyping, small level production and white-label drop shipping using very modern infrastructure and a vast array of local subcontractors. A long term cooperation is offered in the framework of a manufacturing or outsourcing agreement.



The company is a start-up located in the western part of Romania offering a 3D printing alternative to a production chain for end products. To be specific, it offers every service needed to get a product from an idea stage to the end customer. The clients can come with just an idea, as the company offers 3D modelling services in various software platforms. Alternatively, the client can send a CAD file (Computer Aided Design files). From there, a prototype is 3D printed and all the post-processing needed is handled, as 3D printing sometimes leaves some residues. After this, the client tests the prototype, and the company can move on to a small batch production series for said product, up to a few thousand pieces. For this stage, the company also works, if needed, with a vast array of subcontractors – such as painters, cardboard box makers, other maker’s spaces. In the end, on demand, the company can deliver the product directly to the end client via a courier, thus offering a complete white-label drop shipping service for their clients.

The production infrastructure of the company is based on highly performant Ultimaker S5 printers. According to specialists, these printers are state-of-the–art printers, extremely versatile and highly productive. The printing volume is fairly large (30(H)x30x24 cm) allowing the use of a variety of materials. Thanks to their open-material system, it is possible to print products using materials made by various professional producers, each with their own specifications and intended uses:
-PLA (polylactic acid),
-ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene),
-PETG (Polyethylene terephthalate),
-TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane),
-PP (Polypropylene),
-CPE+ (co-polyester),
-PC (Polycarbonate),
alongside soluble supports such as PVA (polyvinyl alcohol) and breakaway support as well.

Besides the above mentioned, the company has access to several highly specific use materials: UV (Ultraviolet) resistant, flame resistant, flexible or transparent, of different colors etc.

The company has already completed successful projects in several industries, mostly in the architecture / engineering / interior design / hobby / marketing sectors. Just to give out several examples: large scale architectural models; pots and vases; spare or one-off mechanical parts; low level production of gifts intended for marketing purposes; cosplay weapons or armor pieces; highly-complex and durable working prototypes; simple cases for robots, sensors; on-demand pieces for sale, as direct producers and many others.

Regarding the models themselves, the start-up can both create the model based on the client’s specifications, using several specialized 3D modelling software programs, or use a model made by the client. Any type of CAD model can be exported in the accepted format for 3D printing (.stl; .obj; .3mf etc.). If the company creates the model, it will be passed in the sole property of the client, under any type of contract they deem necessary – as a standard, the company uses non-disclosure agreements.

Based on the company’s research, they have the most competitive prices, for all of our available materials, from the whole EU region, and the machines are, at the moment, the most modern and advanced that can be found on the market, in their own category.

The company is looking for long-term cooperation in the frame of a manufacturing and/or outsourcing agreement with companies from abroad.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Any type of company interested in professional 3D printing of rapid prototyping, 3D modelling of products etc. working in architecture, engineering, interior design, hobby and in the marketing sectors.
The clients come with a model or an idea, as the company offers 3D modelling services in various software platforms. For technical objects, the partner can send CAD files in different formats.

Advantages & innovations:

The company offers, at reasonable prices, 3D modelling, rapid prototyping, low-level batch production (up to 10.000 products, depending on the complexity of the model), drop shipping (the end product can be labelled under the client’s brand and sent directly to their end customers, based on orders made to the client, directly)

Development Stage:

Already on the market - The company is working with both national and international clients, on both small and complex projects.


Design Rights - The company is open to any kind of agreement regarding IPR of the 3D model, made by the client or by the company itself. The design of the objects is property of the Romanian company if in the contract is not otherwise foreseen.

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