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A Russian producer of devices for continuous control of pressure in tires in real time is looking for distributors abroad




The Russian company specializes in production and sale of devices for implementation of continuous control of pressure in tires in real time. The company is looking for partners for the conclusion of distribution services agreement.




The Russian company from the Far East region of Russia was created in 2004 and is engaged in auto parts production. The employee of the Russian Academy of Sciences, the engineer on development and construction of underwater pilotless devices and other robotics, has been recruited and involved into product development. The device informs the driver on any changes of pressure that allows to make the decision on safe continuation of movement of the vehicle. Principle of work: the device continuously watches pressure in wheels and informs through the application on phone, sending the notification with a sound signal to mobile device. Sensors are established in a wheel and fasten to the gate by means of the screw. The tool for its assembly is delivered in a set. Also for simplicity of installation all sensors are numbered. In case of shift of wheels among themselves, line items easily changes in the program. The user can always open the application and be convinced, that pressure is normal. The established pressure sensors send information to the system unit hidden under a covering of the car, which transfers information to the mobile device (mobile phone, tablet) through Bluetooth. All Bluetooth versions are supported. Sensors of pressure are equipped with modern accumulators, which allow working 7 years without recharge (service life of the device constitutes more than 7 years). The device is capable to work in case of the range of temperatures from-40 to +120 degrees Celsius. Installation of sensors is made according to the instruction and it is possible for the specialist of any mounting. At the same time there is no need to address in specialized service center for additional setup or a reinsertion of sensors. Installation of the device allows: - to reduce risk of loss of controllability; - to avoid increasing of a brake way; - to prevent uneven depreciation of tires; - to prevent a fuel over-expenditure. The company is the unique producer of devices for continuous control of pressure in tires in real time in Russia, because of lack of competitors (other russian producers). The company produces 10000 sets a year at this moment and can increase in production volume. Clients are the companies from the USA, Argentina, the Republic of South Africa, Uzbekistan, Poland. The producer provides a world guarantee.

The company is interested in search of partners from the sphere of production and sale of auto parts (car services, shops of auto parts, producers vehicles) for signing distribution services agreement. Within the agreement the partner will provide the producer with regular orders, will provide brand recognition in the country of the partner. The partner will make registration of device in the EU countries. The producer will execute orders, deliver high-quality products. The expected result is to increase in profit of the company in connection with an entry into the new markets and increase in production of auto parts.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type of partner: SMEs, MNEs.
Field of activity: car industry.
Partner's role: to obtain the company's production for further distribution.

Advantages & innovations:

Capability to sustain temperature loadings from-50 to +150 degrees Celsius while the majority of sensors of other producers "freeze" in case of-15. The special equipment for an insertion of new sensors is not required. Simplicity in installation. A possibility of application worldwide where the wheel equipment is used. Availability of the "black box" allowing to look at history. Information is displayed on the mobile device from Android or iOS. Energy saving modes of sensors. The producer provides a world guarantee.

Development Stage:

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