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Russian manufacturer of wound healing medicine is looking for distributors




The Russian research company, specializing in the manufacturing of wound healing medicine with anti-inflammatory action, based on the active substance oxidized dextran, is interested in distribution services agreements.




The Russian research company, located in Novosibirsk, creates wound healing preparation of new generation in the form of a spray.
The wound healing agent has packaged in 15–50 ml vials, allowing to apply the contents of the vial to the surface of the wound. The capacity of the bottle, the material from which it is made, can be changed by request of the partner.
The company was established in 2002 as a biotechnological enterprise whose activity is aimed at solving specific problems in the field of microbiology, virology and biochemistry.
The use of oxidized dextran as an active ingredient in the preparation is the main advantage. Because of using it the drug accelerates the regeneration of tissues, provides a higher rate of wound healing with a fewer amount of complications.
The amount of soft tissue damage associated with ruptures, injuries, burns is enormous and cannot be statistically evaluated. Preparations for accelerating wound healing presented on the market often do not solve the problem, they do not clean the wound surface from necrotic tissues, and it is the cause of possible complications. For example, in abdominal surgery, complications associated with wound suppuration ranges from 6-12%.
• The product of the company combines active wound healing substance with anesthetic.
• Preparation has a higher rate of wound healing with a fewer amount of complications.
• The effectiveness of preparation is 2-3 times higher than the analogs.

The partners from health sectors are looking for distribution services agreements. In the framework of distribution services agreement the partner orders the company’s products or raw materials, the company supplies products or raw materials. Since the products have a medical effect, with the partner the company plans to certificate it (joint payment of the company and the partner) or the company can supply raw materials for the subsequent packaging and sale of finished products by the partner. Now the company sale it as hygienic skin care product that promotes wound healing. The result of cooperation: the sale of the drug on the international market.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type: small, medium or big companies;
Sphere of activity: development, manufacture, sale of hygienic products.
Role:In the framework of distribution services agreement, the partner orders the company’s products or raw materials.

Advantages & innovations:

New wound healing medicine due to its composition helps:
• To stimulate wound cleaning from necrotic tissues;
• To provide anti-inflammatory action,
• To prevent adhesion of wound textile to wound surface;
• to provide antiseptic and local anesthetic effects;
• in the prevention of purulent complications and provides reliable protection against secondary infection
It is produced in the form of a spray. Size of the bottle is not very big, it is very convenient in storage and usage.
The product of the company combines active wound healing substance with anesthetic.
Now on the market presented:
• monotherapy with dexpanetanol (average price per 100 g - 6 euros),
• preparations of dexpanthenol in combination with antiseptic (average price per 100 g - 11 euros),
• preparations based on natural ingredients (average price per 100 g - 23 euros).
In the created preparation oxidized dextran is used as the active substance. It accelerates the regeneration of tissues.
The company tested the preparation and it revealed that preparation effectiveness is 2-3 times higher in comparison with analogs, but the cost is the same. The price for 100 g of the new product is 11 euros.

Development Stage:

Already on the market - The main research work was finished in 2017, industrial small-scale production of the preparation was prepared, preparatory measures to obtain the appropriate permits are carried out, trial deliveries of wound healing remedy have been carried out (as a hygienic skin care product that promotes wound healing).


Secret Know-how - The following primary documents for the preparation were received: • Conformance certificate for "Hygiene product" (valid until 2021).

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