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Russian manufacturer of waterproofing products is looking for distributors




A Russian company is introducing production technologies and organizing the production site of an innovative waterproofing product and its promotion. The company is looking for reliable partners to conclude a distribution services agreement.



The Russian company from the city of Moscow was founded in 2004.
The company specializes in the production of industrial paints and varnishes that are developed on the basis of scientific research, advanced technologies. These paints and varnishes provide effective protection of materials from corrosion, turbidity, and cracks. Products possess unique properties and are exclusively original development of the enterprise.
The company has the exclusive right to place, promote and sell the waterproofing material to enterprises and organizations that are part of the State Atomic Energy Corporation. There is also experience working with housing and communal services enterprises in Moscow as part of the supply of a range of paints for household purposes.
Production assortment also includes compositions for painting bridges, self-leveling floors (compounds), enamels for builders.
The manufacturer offers polyurethane coatings with high waterproofing properties, increased wear resistance, resistance to periodic exposure to alkalis, industrial oils, gasoline, washing solutions. Excellent adhesion to various substrates, including metal, wood, plastic, concrete, etc.
To protect large-sized metal structures operating in atmospheric conditions with high humidity from corrosion, an epoxy-ester coating system was developed - DVKor-05 soil, DVKor-102 enamel, semi-matte. This coating system can also be used for corrosion protection of railway transport. All coatings are quick-drying, which significantly reduces the drying time of the entire coating system and leads to a significant reduction in the start time of the final product.
Long-term partnerships with other domestic manufacturers make it possible to complete an order for customer enterprises, deliver the material as soon as possible, and select the ideal option for the required product in terms of price-quality ratio.
The Russian company is looking for foreign partners from various fields (oil refineries, shipbuilding, and ship repairing enterprises, car-building factories, repair finishing, engineering, etc.) to conclude a distribution agreement. The company is interested in the joint development of technological chains. Under the agreement, the partner will distribute the products of the Russian company through large retail chains and other countries. Also, the Russian company can produce products under a private label and expand its partner’s product line because Russian goods meet all EU requirements.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type - SME, large companies
Field of activity - companies engaged in cooperation with chemical and construction industry
Role - a foreign partner will buy waterproofing products of a Russian company for its further distribution among their current client portfolio and through On-line networks

Advantages & innovations:

• Own specialized paint and varnish production
• The presence of direct relations with manufacturers and flexible pricing in relation to customers, which allows providing the best price-quality ratio for a specific task
• All products meet the requirements of state and industry standards. The quality management system of production and production partners complies with the requirements of the international system ISO 9001
• If necessary, the company will assist in the delivery of products for partners
• Coatings can be applied to old coatings, with traces of scale, which significantly reduces both the time of surface preparation and the economic cost of cleaning the surface to pure metal.
• ?oating is quick-drying, which allows three times to reduce the drying time to degree 3, and, accordingly, faster to use the finished product.

Development Stage:

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