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A Slovak innovative IT SME specialized in development of mobile and web applications is offering healthcare application and is looking for partners to cooperate via outsourcing agreement




A Slovak company specialized in development of mobile and web applications provides to customers its own developed, fully scalable platforms for Healthcare application.
The company is looking for partners interested in healthcare applications and they are looking for partners to cooperate within the framework of an outsourcing agreement.



The company provides the full range of its own developed products for healthcare applications. The Slovak SME was founded in 1996. The apps are designed to be used in medical (healthcare) industry, manufacturing, engineering and entertainment segments. The main purpose of the applications is to help people and gather data, which can be later used for medical research purposes.
The company has developed 3 apps:
The first one possess number of useful functions including possibility to evaluate the current state of health based on the information from the form filled out previously, a personal calendar that records examination results, test results and dates of following check-ups. Notifications of the next medical appointments are sent to patients ahead of the meeting. App is able to generate statistics on the basis of data including change of the patient's sleeping regime during previous month or weight change within past year.One of the advantages of the app is that the data can be shared between patient and doctor, keeping a good track regarding patient's health. Accurate and precise data play the crucial role in order to determine diagnosis and state the overall treatment as well. Data are synchronized and adjusted automatically in case patient changes a doctor.
The second one is aimed at mothers aged 20-35, who often do not have enough experience to assess their child's symptoms as they grow up at an early age and in the vast majority of cases if a child has a medical complication, the mother is forced to visit an emergency room or hospital. To eliminate the unnecessarily quick decision to visit a health care facility, the application will provide a questionnaire for rapid diagnosis of the child with subsequent evaluation of the child's condition. If the result is worse, the application provides navigation to the nearest medical facility and, in the worst case, the possibility of calling for medical assistance.The application will also serve as a personal assistant for mothers who will be able to record the growth (height, weight) of their children, vaccination times, notifications about vaccination expiration, recording of known allergies, notifications on the anniversary of their child's birth, sharing of the child between parents, etc.
The last one the veterinary information system and mobile application are a complex solution tackling the problem with scheduling appointments, reviewing the test results and more.
The solution provides: electronic health card, complete history from birth to present, social and health profile, permanent connection with the veterinarian, online booking of appointments and electronic reception, immediate notification of the results of the examinations, social network of animal owners and their pets. PetPass information system for doctors represents simplified communication with clients, simplified work in ambulances, or cooperation with distributors. These include the electronic reception desk I'M HERE, fully digital processing of medical records, smart diagnoses suggestions, automatic generation of medical reports, automation of warehouse management, seamless billing options to patients and many other functionalities.
Programming language: HTML5, CSS3, ReactNative, Javascript, AngularJS, Laravel, nodeJS, php, AR, AI/ML
These products are suited for medical (healthcare) industry. The company is looking for partners interested in healthcare application. Partners are sought to cooperate via (more deeply specified in the Partner Sought):Outsourcing agreement - the specific technological services in the field of healthcare are offered by Slovak company.
They are looking for long-term partners to whom they could deliver their expertise. Despite of the fact that this company is very well-established, it is always trying to find a new ways to cooperate with future potential partners. Company still has some free capacities to offer and wants to diversify their client portfolio.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Type: no preference. The Slovak company is developing software systems for medical and veterinary sectors for state and private sector, for small, medium and large companies.

Field of industry: IT sector and or IT companies that do system integration, implementation of the medical software

Role: The cooperation with partner would be provided via:
- outsourcing agreement (they are looking for a partner who want to have the IT services outsourced)

Advantages & innovations:

- The technology supports most of the latest mobile phones running on one of the following operating system: Android, iOS,
- Demonstrable development (the company can demonstrate how the products helped hospitals and patients)
- SCRUM Masters parts of the team (the team of the company consists of numerous employees with SCRUM certification), The main benefit of SCRUM - transparency, SKRUM create tasks, milestones, share them personally,...
- New / modern technologies
- Faster reaction times of doctors, hospitals
- Better, more accurate diagnosis and better tracking of progress in therapy
- If necessary, automatic call for help (from the app)

Development Stage:

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