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The Ukrainian producer of toys offers its products under distribution services or manufacturing agreements




The Ukrainian manufacturer of its own designed toys with specialization in wooden toys and puzzles is looking for cooperation in terms of distribution services or manufacturing agreements for potential partners who are looking for additional production capacities to produce toys.



The Ukrainian toys factory was established in 1996 in Carpathians village, close to the EU border in the most ecologically clean region of Ukraine. Company has been manufacturing toys for about 20 years. During this time the company has managed to win the trust of consumers and not only on the territory of Ukraine but also abroad. The company has a history of sales in more than 20 countries. The company has several trademarks. The main products are wooden toys and puzzles. All products are certified for children from 18 months. Toys are delivered in beautiful boxes of modern design.
Wooden toys will contribute to the development of fine motor skills of hands and sensory perception in a child. Thanks to the wooden toys that can be learned shapes and colors, they do not have a lot of functions, compared with modern plastic toys, which leaves place for creativity and imagination of the child. Wood charges its "warm" and energy. Toys are very wear-resistant and, if necessary, easy to clean, and in the games with friends and parents children develop important social functions.
Puzzles - developing fun for children. They require children to think and concentrate their attention on the task. The joy of the child when a complete picture is impossible to overestimate. The child has a direct dependence on her mental activity and the result she gets at the end. The game is very durable and can last for more than one year.
The Ukrainian company is interested in finding partners from the sphere of wholesale and retail trade of children's goods to conclude distribution services agreement. The partner will purchase the company's products for further resale. Also, the company is targeting new markets, either under a manufacturing agreement (for made to order products).

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is looking for distributors or agents of educational toys (retail chains, toys distributors, etc), which could help the Ukrainian company to introduce its products into their respective local markets. The partner should have a well-established network and contacts with department stores, online shopping, mail orders, supermarket chains or game stores.
The company is keen to develop a long term relationship with a distributor or agents who as an experience of the children’s toys and games markets.

The company is also looking for partners under the frame of a manufacturing agreement.
The potential partners are companies who are looking for additional production capacities to produce toys, namely those who develop such toys or manufacturers. They may choose one of the company’s designs for their toys or to propose their own idea which to be implemented into a product by the company’s design department.

Advantages & innovations:

All products are made on imported equipment, and when dying is used water-based paint, which is made using the latest German technology.
Bright and stylish puzzles packed in gift boxes or standard boxes.
The assortment is consist of 80 titles of toys.
Different collections: trains, cars, towers, construction sets, sorters, magnetic puzzles, developing puzzles.

Development Stage:

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