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UK SME and developer of unique power sensors for data centres and smart cities/buildings is seeking distributors




UK SME are a leading supplier of environmental monitoring and power monitoring equipment for IT, retail, domestic and financial sectors. The company has developed new power sensors which solves the problem of not being able to monitor single phase, 2 or 3-core cables, which means it is now possible to monitor 'dumb' power distribution units (PDUs) or hard-wired cables. The company seeks distributors to collaborate in an unexploited but fast-growing market.




This UK SME has been supplying environmental monitoring devices and systems to the IT industry since 1997.

Using their knowledge of this market, it was recognised that there were a vast number of unmonitored single phase power cables in critical locations. By helping businesses and organisations to manage power more effectively, problems can be identified in advance of data centre disasters in addition to potential energy cost savings.

The rapid growth of the sensor market for data centres, smart cities and smart buildings has driven the need to monitor all aspects of an organisation's IT and facilities' infrastructures. Power sensors developed in the UK (and supplied from the UK) help personnel responsible for IT, facilities, IoT and energy to manage power more effectively and become aware of problems before catastrophe strikes.

The sensors monitor 5A, 13A, 16A and 32A cables and clamp around cable sizes up to 4mm2 to record the current (Amps). Data is captured by network management and "Smart Cities" systems using the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). These power sensors have been integrated with the "Cisco Kinetic" software platform for smart cities and buildings, as well as network management systems such as "Paessler Router Traffic Grapher" (PRTG).

These are true IoT sensors providing power data where previously this was impossible without unplugging a cable and shutting down equipment. The data supplied from these sensors can help identify under and over current conditions, potential wiring or equipment faults, power failure, equipment failure and unusual power usage patterns.

Installation of the sensors is straightforward: once positioned correctly on the cable, the sensor can be clamped in place so that it cannot move from its optimum location.

Distributors in the IT, Facilities, Internet of Things (IoT) and Energy Management sectors are being sought globally. Licensing agreements may also be considered.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Distributors who are active in the supply of sensors for data centres, remote sites, smart cities/buildings, power management, building management and energy monitoring would be well placed to consider this partnership opportunity to include these power sensors within their product portfolios.

Situations where end users would require these sensors are high and partnership opportunities will exist for IT resellers, facilities resellers, IoT companies, systems integrators, building management system suppliers, electrical companies, uninterruptible power supply resellers, generator suppliers and air conditioning companies to supply, install and potentially provide a managed service.

Advantages & innovations:

This UK supplier's unique, non-invasive power sensors enable single-phase, 2/3 core cables to be monitored by a network management system or "Smart Cities'" software platform using SNMP.

Hard-wired cables and power distribution units that cannot be switched off (typically in data centres and server rooms) can now be successfully monitored without incurring system or equipment downtime.

Previously, it was thought that the 'cancellation effect' caused by the current flowing through the live and neutral cables would make obtaining an accurate current reading impossible. These new sensors can be installed in a few minutes using a unique clamping mechanism to hold the sensor in place, and no modification to the cable being monitored or disruption to the system is necessary.

Real-time power usage can be monitored and high/low current conditions, potential equipment or wiring faults, whether equipment is idle or active, and power failure can all be identified in conjunction with network management and Smart Cities' software.

Sensors are powered using Power over Ethernet (PoE) so no battery replacement or sensor maintenance is required.

Should a sensor fail, it can easily be swapped out with no network disruption or downtime.

This supplier is a "Cisco Solution Partner."

Development Stage:

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