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A Kosovar company offering digital transformation solutions is seeking partners to collaborate under outsourcing or subcontracting agreement




They are a company involved in shaping digital information to transform it into an easily comprehensible format, located in Prishtina, Kosovo. The services they offer include: web designing and developing, creating web applications, customizing WordPress or creating bespoke content management systems, creating e-commerce platforms, and providing custom digital solutions to managing information.

The company is looking for outsourcing or subcontracting agreement partnerships.



The Kosovan company is professional software development company based in Prishtina that endeavors on highly proficient, timely delivered and cost-effective software, website development services. The company is highly experienced in offering offshore software development and project management. Some of the services offered by the company include web designing and development, creating web applications, customizing WordPress, creating management and e-commerce solutions, amongst other services.

They are interested in outsourcing or subcontracting arrangements under which they are contracted as a service provider to perform services that the organization currently performs in-house or which are performed by an existing third party supplier. The company has a proven track record of collaborating with international partners in overtaking the implementation and development of certain elements of a larger project, delivering qualitative solutions that are easily integrated in the overall scope of the project. Through their specialized teams, the company is able to work closely with partnering companies in identifying and providing various digital solutions. Through the selected cooperation types, the company aims to work closely with the potential partner as a team member and lessen the burden of the partner in implementing digital solutions.

Besides the experience and the previous work, the company contains staff members with expertise in the areas listed below:
Professional Scrum Master, Professional Scrum Product Owner, Certified Digital Transformation Experts, Certified E-Commerce Experts.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is interested in collaborating with potential partners by providing their services in the form of an outsourcing or subcontracting agreement. In such agreement, they expect to provide the service using their personnel and facilities according to the present description of the agreement.

An ideal partner would be a company offering digital services to their clients and are looking to offload a portion of their work or expand their services by collaborating with a trustworthy and professional partners, thus saving time and resources. The potential partner would work closely with the company in planning, developing, implementing and maintaining the product/service delivered, as the company would report directly to the partners team leader.

Advantages & innovations:

By creating specialized teams working with certain programming languages and offering various digital solutions the company is able to tackle multiple projects. Each of the teams is headed by certified expert of the particular technology or programming language used in order to ensure the highest quality of products/services delivered and oversee the project implemented to the last detail. Having team leaders that are certified by international standards, ensures the quality and work-process of the project.

Development Stage:

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