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Austrian consortium looking for partners to develop a medical sensor shirt to monitor patient's health indicators.




A consortium of Austrian research institutions with extensive knowledge in the development of textile sensors, the research of stroke medicine and close connections to clinics is looking for partners to collaborate under a technical agreement.
With this know-how, the consortium is developing a wearable device as a medical device (“sensor shirt”). This item will have the ability to monitor a variety of indicators for key bodily functions for the care of aged individuals and medical patients



The lead of the consortium has an Austrian research center on vascular ageing and stroke which is funded by a national program to transfer scientific results into industrial applications. With scientific shareholders, the company is a national competence center in the field of stroke diagnosis, prevention, and rehabilitation. The other partner in the consortia provides profound expertise in the field of textile sensor technology as well as research activity in the field of textile-physics and -chemistry.
The current difficulty with conventional monitoring devices in the respective applications is the unsuitability for daily use due to deficiency of measurement accuracy, sensitivity and washability. Current solutions are often declined by patients in consequence of missing wearing comfort. Solutions with electrodes, wires and electronic devices are often bulky and impractical.
The goal of this project is to develop a long-term monitoring shirt with integrated, high-quality sensors, miniaturized evaluation electronics, textile characteristics (soft, flexible, stretchable) and good washability. The primary objective is the integration of different textile sensors principles in garment, e.g. elongation for breath-extension, optical oxygen saturation, measuring body temperature, level of skin moisture, conductivity, pH and salt concentration on skin, skin pressure and level of body hydration. Monitoring these respective health indicators with the aimed solution enhances patient safety, yields diagnostic information, and may aid nursing and support self-assisted living at home.
The structure of the sensor system will be modular for the purpose of different sensors needs. Another key objective is the design of the two interfaces: One between the textile component and the removable miniaturized electronics and another between the user and the electronics.
The Austrian consortium is looking for partners to develop this medical sensor shirt and offers its know-how, services and access to clinical stakeholder under technical cooperation.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The Austrian consortium is looking for partners to further develop this envisioned wearable device as a medical device under a technical cooperation agreement.
Partners in the field of textile sensor development, high-tech textile or the envisioned application areas are sought.

Advantages & innovations:

This highly optimized medical sensor wearable device aims to operate precise single measurements without batteries and enables a long-term monitoring of patients' vital parameters. From a patient's point of view, the sensor shirt offers a higher degree of safety, comfort, and autonomy.
As a long-term goal, the consortium intends to produce and sell the garment as a medical device. Therefore, all regulatory demands and new MDR requirements will be considered during the development phase.
Areas of application for this monitoring shirt may include medicine, sports, or nursing care.

Development Stage:

Under development/lab tested



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