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Cloud solution for delivering and monetizing video across every connected device




A Spanish TV producer and broadcaster, has developed a cloud solution for delivering and monetizing video across every connected device.This tool is a suite of products and services that reduce the complexity and increase the profitability of publishing,distributing,measuring and monetizing multi-screen video.Content distributors agencies are sought for commercial agreements with tech assistance(explore and distribution) and technology partners for technical cooperation (upgrade and integration)



In the past company communication revolved around the company´s brand itself, but nowaydays it is more important to provide valuable information to clients about how they can benefit and satisfy their informational needs.
A Spanish SME has developed a tool that covers those needs with the most profitable language that exists today, the audiovisual language.
This Spanish SME, active in the field of TV production and broadcasting,has developed a novel cloud solution for delivering and monetizing video across every connected device.
The company offers a suite of products and services that reduce the complexity and increase the profitability of publishing, distributing, measuring and monetizing multi-screen video.
The tool is also an online communication platform to connect and develop your team using video.
Some technical features are:
* Creation of own channels.
* Easy edition of videos and design of different programming daily and select advertising.
* Management of video galleries of any size.
* Video tagging tool (timed) to describe the audiovisual content by adding time codes that allow to search within the content itself. In addition, it can be seen how long users are viewing the video.
* The multi-account environment allows to create different levels of access for different users according to their responsibilities in the work chain(super administrator, administrator, load users, document users and any others that are necessary to keep content secure)
* Full compatibility with all operating systems, devices and formats. All of the material that it is uploaded and stored is transcoded in 3 different qualities in order to adapt to any mobile device. This also improves the user experience, avoiding the
poor reception and the reproduction of the video regardless of the bandwidth.
* It normalizes video formats and audio levels in order to make all of its content broadcast on the same channel, saving time, money and energy.
*Broadcast streaming events in a simple and effective way with professional quality.
* Creation of clips of events so that they can be published and distributed later on all platforms in order to generate leads.
* Always show the latest content thanks to the Catch Up system that allows to go back in the broadcast up to seven days.
* Preparation, tagging and publication of audiovisual content on all social networks from the same place.
*Segmentation of the audience thanks to data-driven analytics such as the number of users connected per time slot, most active users, most viewed videos, number of views per video, average duration per session, etc.
* Creation of content and management of accounts by number of devices, subscriptions and Live and VoD (video on demand) packages.
Some services provided by the solution are:
- Personalized audiovisual content to customers, suppliers, and employees.
- Broadcast internal meetings live in order to promote team spirit in one or several locations around the world.
- Alignment and strengthen of team´s commitment with company´s objectives through personalized videos.
- Easy creation of videos galleries in order to communicate information about business’s important activities.
- Broadcast live events via streaming for customers from anywhere and for any type of device.
- Creation of training strategies for employees based on video format.
- Capability to launch personalized offers.
- Sending of instant notifications and audiovisual content regarding changes in work processes.
- Arrangement and organisation of processes and quality management.
The Spanish SME is interested in:
1. Technical cooperation with international technology partners is sought for upgrading and new projects of integration with their technologies.
2. Commercial with technical assistance is sought with content distributors agencies to explore, find new markets and software distribution planning.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The SME is interested in several types of agreements:

1. International technology partners for technical cooperation so that the tool can be upgraded or integrated with another ones.

2. Contents distribution agencies for commercial agreements with technical assistance. They would assist to explore and find new markets. The ideal partner would assist the Spanish SME in establishing foreign contacts with prosperous clients and promote the functionalilties of the platform, as well as participate in offer negotiations and software distribution planning.

Advantages & innovations:


* Management of business´s valuable information in video format
using this single online tool.

* Measure and analyze company´s consumption in real
time or global terms so that it can be obtained details about user
interaction: what content is being consumed, where is it
being utilized, how long is it being utilized for among other

* Secure customer loyalty by providing high quality a la carte
content on a user friendly interface where they can directly
access their favorite channels.


* This tool uses URL authentication, as well as content encryption using DRM (Digital Rights Management)

* It not only allows to control the entire online video workflow, but thanks to its scalable modular system it can be expanded the functionalities according to needs.

* Capability to plan strategy, so that it can be got the most out of audiovisual content, no matter who your audience is (customers, employees, vendors, etc.)

* No experience needed in managing video content.

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