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Public alert terminal for marine submersion and flood risks




A French small company developed an innovative digital urban furniture that can be placed in city centers or near the shore in order to inform and to alert in real time the population about the risks of marine submersion, flooding and other risks in a geo-localized area. The company is interested in manufacturing agreements, license agreements and commercial agreements with technical assistance.



Innovative company based in south of France, backed with 20 years of experience in product life cycle management and a network of multi-activity partners, has developed an urban furniture that can be placed in city centers, near the shore or on camping grounds in order to inform and to alert population in risky situations.

The company has a know-how in the design of urban information systems specially on mechanical, electronics and IT. They also have expertise in ergonomic and comprehensible data presentation by the general public, intended for different end users.

In Europe marine submersion and floods (overflowing rivers, flash floods, underground floods) highly impact coastlines with large and costly disasters.
An important issue is to warn and inform populations before hydro-meteorological events (storms, sea waves, forest fires, avalanches) in order to reduce the exposure of people, protect property, and contribute to risk management approach.

Current practices consist of short messages delivered to the population by massive telephone messages. The advantage of the innovation developed by the company is to inform the populations before and during the event, taking spatiality into account. The equipment can also present other informations during normal periods such as municipal information, tourist information, display of risk areas, air quality, etc.

The innovation is an interactive urban kiosk (totem) equipped with a touch screen and specific software which make it possible to alert and inform the population of the risks of submersion and flooding. As an aesthetic urban furniture the innovation informs the population and municipality in a geo-localized area of dangers and alerts in real time climatic events.

This digital innovation is a multifaceted solution designed in partnership with organizations developing forecasting algorithms for marine submersion and flooding.

The customers of this innovation can be various State departments, public establishments (water agencies), local institutions and various public or private partners.

The company offers complete equipment (interactive terminal connected to databases and to the local information network) and a service to help with the establishment, connection, commissioning, and the provision of objective information prior to the events and during their course.
The product can be autonomous in energy or connected to the electrical network of the site of implantation.

The company is looking for partnerships with :
- manufacturers of urban furniture or tourism equipments to manufacture the product under manufacturing agreements
- engineering companies under license agreements to adapt the databases, messages and maps to the context of its country and to install the equipment
- other companies active in the sector of products for communities or tourism under commercial agreements with technical assistance.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is interested in several agreements with different kinds of partners (by order of priority) :

- Manufacturing agreements with manufacturers of urban furniture or tourism equipment. The role of the partner sought will be to manufacture the product.

- License agreements with private engineering and design offices or other companies with the required skills to adapt the databases, messages and maps to the context of its country, and put it into service with the communities for which it already performs missions. In this case the partner sought will receive the equipment ready to adapt and install.

- Commercial agreements with technical assistance with other companies active in the sector of products for communities or tourism. The partner sought will have a network of potential users and its role will be to market the product as a turnkey solution.

Advantages & innovations:

The product is meant to inform, to prevent and to alert population of risky situations. It is an assembly innovation: a modern and aesthetic interactive urban furniture combined with specific software allowing an ergonomic and understandable presentation of the data provided by expert forecasting algorithms.

The innovation can allow people to live better in their environment. It is a citizen tool with different application fields:
air quality, fire risks, maritime risks, tourism...

It is an innovation for which there is no direct competitor. The current solutions are rudimentary. They only inform very partially the populations on the level of risk and the geographical perimeter concerned.
It has the advantage of being a multi-medium of information (text, image, video), in connection with the prevention of natural risks.

The innovation is an adaptable tool that meets different needs in addition to informing and alerting. It can be equipped with sensors (pollen, air quality, precipitation, water level...). The use of the touch screen creates interactions with populations through various educational content. The innovation can communicate using wi-fi, QR-code or other solutions to ensure good information dissemination.

The urban innovation is today a tool contributing to information, prevention and awareness.

In France, the innovation is one of the solutions available to institutions in the Management of aquatic environments and flood prevention (GEMAPI French law).

The innovation can also be used all year round by enabling general information to be disseminated during normal periods, and targeted messages to be disseminated during periods of climatic events, precisely to contribute to the preservation of people and property.

Development Stage:

Available for demonstration - A mechanical prototype has been operating since 2018 in the Bassin d'Arcachon to validate the concept, the interest of the public and institutions. Production of the first units is scheduled from September 2020.


Secret Know-how,Design Rights,Patent(s) applied for but not yet granted,Copyright,Other - The innovation is analysed for a patent filing. The technical and legal protection of the digital innovation is being strengthened for European countries.

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