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Innovative system for energy storage and production




A Greek SME providing engineering solutions to industry, presents an innovative patented system for the storage of energy from renewable energy sources and the subsequent energy production on demand, at any time and desired level. The system solves various problems which hold back the wider use of renewable energy sources. Industrial companies are sought for a joint venture cooperation agreement.



The need for increasing the production of energy from renewable energy sources is critical these days but the penetration of the relevant systems is not satisfactory for several reasons. The greatest problem relates to the storage of the produced energy and its subsequent use for the production of useful energy, mainly electricity. Renewable energy sources are productive when there are suitable conditions and production becomes heavily dependent on them. E.g., wind generators can produce wind energy only when there is wind. With no wind, or stronger/ weaker wind than the specified, there is no energy production. The same happens with energy from the sun. In effect, it is almost impossible to match consumersí demands with the energy provided from the renewable sources and energy should be stored. However, the proposed solutions to storing and afterward use of the energy from renewable sources are very expensive and ineffective, leading producers to distribute energy directly to the grid instead of storing it. This has a negative impact on the grid, which is burdened by the variation of the energy produced and the level of energy that it can absorb.

A Greek engineering SME provides a total answer to the problems of energy storage and production from renewable energy sources. The Greek company has patented a system using compressed air. The system is completely independent from periodic weather variations and can be ideally connected to the grid, providing maximum energy immediately and when needed. The system uses the energy from wind generators, or photovoltaic panels, or their combination, in order to compress air in high pressure. The compressed air is then stored in metal tanks, in high pressure. When needed, the compressed air drives a normal cryogenic turbo-expander for the production of energy through a generator, exactly at the required amount and time, almost immediately (few seconds needed), to the grid.
The energy utilization efficiency of the offered system reaches 80-83%, as theoretically calculated by a German faculty of engineering and as experienced in the prototype systemís operation. The performance of the turbines can reach 90%, as tested by the large manufacturer which procures them.

The storage takes place in metal-made air tanks. These have the shape of a tube and are qualified to hold 300 bars of pressure, much higher than the desired 200-250 bars needed by the system. For higher power-demand applications, more connected tanks are used. The stored energy in such a tank provides power for days or weeks without significant losses.

The Greek company has completed a pilot project for the production of 12KW of electric energy. The stored energy is reaching 50 KWh. The project is available for demonstration of the systemís advantages and feasibility.

The Greek company is looking for industrial companies active in the field of energy production or renewable energy sources. The partner is sought for co-exploitation, certification and scale-up of the system so as it reaches the market. Joint venture agreement is sought.

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: Industrial companies dealing with production of energy or renewable energy sources are sought. The partner will work with the Greek company for co-exploitation and scale-up of the system, so as to reach the global market.

The Greek company will provide the design and all necessary technical equipment for deploying the solution. The partner will work on a technical level with the Greek company for scaling up the offered solution and will acquire the proper certifications. Then, both partners can co-exploit the systemís market entry.

The collaboration sought is joint venture agreement.

Advantages & innovations:

Comparison with other storage systems is easily revealing the superiority of the high- pressure (200-250 bars) compressed air solution. The system provides high energy density. At 200 bars, 1m3 can produce 30 kwh. In contrast, all other storage systems are heavy, expensive and of limited power handling. With a large storage capacity, the system has a significant advantage over any other storage means. For example, electrochemical storage systems can store energy for a few hours and their capacity for storage is extremely low in comparison to the needs of applications.

The proposed solution is innovative since it is of high-pressure and is protected with two patents. The Greek company can install storage and production systems with rating output power from 0.5 MW to 200MW, or even bigger projects. The installation is easy and a project can be delivered in approx. 5 monthsí time. The system can supply non-stop electric power to any commercial or industrial application.

The system can work with any pre-installed RES. The system can upgrade any RES system to an autonomous ecological energy system, marketable anywhere in the world: islands, remote third-world areas, villages, towns, industries etc.

An additional advantage of storing the excess energy produced from RES in large storage capacity is that fewer RES are required to cover energy demand, whereas now the excessive energy that cannot be stored is wasted.

The system has an operational lifespan of over 50 years, a low annual maintenance cost of about 3,000 €/ MW, and a recycling cost close to zero. These figures enable the system to be at least 15 - 25 times more efficient and more cost-effective than current technology.

The system works with a normal cryogenic turbine. This is important because the system is working in lower temperatures and requires less maintenance.

Development Stage:

Prototype available for demonstration


Patents granted - 2 patents granted.

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