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Traceability software targeting micro and small companies in the agri-food sector




An Italian company, with professional experience in innovative traceability systems applied to micro and small companies, has developed a flexible traceability system suitable to those micro and small companies dealing with food processing in the agri-food sector. The Italian company is interested in finding early adopters (companies), and associations interested in novel customized systems for commercial agreements with technical assistance (adaptation to own needs) or technical cooperation.



Small enterprises in the agri-food sector need support tools in their everyday work that will help them apply internal production standards.
The control of supplies needed to avoid disruptions in the production cycle, the reduction of waste of raw materials and the rapid recovery of production data for reporting and statistical analysis make the solution a useful tool for the rationalization of production systems by checking and monitoring ingredients, and entire process, from farm to fork.
Thanks to its flexibility and modularity the system can be adapted to the evolving needs of companies in the agro-food sector. In addition, it will give emphasis to the quality of artisanal and local food productions, helping keep alive local products and the knowledge of craftsmen for future generations.
The system developed is a very simple traceability software, adaptable in order to allow and easily "track and check" any production process. The system was tested already in production cycle or farm processes.
The solution is a Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning company can access from everywhere, they only need credentials to enter. Every company will have a personal area with own data to manage and monitor. In detail, all information regarding the company can be tracked, from machineries used in the production system (with possibility to monitor parameters, i.e. humidiy, temperature, etc.), create and manage adress book of clients and suppliers, create and manage catalogues of materials in use, semifinished and finished products, manage stocks, create and manage "recipes" of products, start and manage daily production, sell, created nutritional etiquettes of products.
For such a variety of functions, the solution can be customized based on individual's needs, that's why the company is open to commercial agreements with technical assistance towards micro and small businesses interested in customization, or could be technical cooperation agreements in case the software needs a further improvement (target could be for example cluster or associations of companies with joint needs).

Partner expertise sought:

- Specific area of activity of the partner: The company is interested in finding micro and small agro-food companies (or clusters or associations of companies), dealing with agro-food products, interested in adopting the new software solution through customization process, either as individual companies or as clusters of companies (agreements could be either commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation agreement).
Ideally, customization can be envisaged towards individual companies, while technical cooperation agreements could be the case of organisations, associations, or clusters, with multiple needs that ask a further improvement based on specific interests.

Advantages & innovations:

- The solution developed is very flexible;
- The solution developed is particularly interesting for micro and small companies as it is very cheap when compared to already existing solutions;
- The solution developed is particularly customizable when compared to existing products and services, which is the added value for micro and small companies.
- The solution developed can be easily applied to agro-food sector companies;
- The solution developed can be applied to individual companies or groups of companies:
- The solution has maximum accessibility from any browser running on a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Development Stage:

Field tested/evaluated



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