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Access EU Finance

The Enterprise Europe Network is tasked with helping small companies make the most of the business opportunities in the European Union, helping SMEs to identify and access finance for the development and growth of their businesses.

An 'Access to Finance' series for SMEs to help SMEs gain a clearer understanding of the various finance options available are run at various times during the year. Checkout our Events page or choose to get our e-alerts.

You can also view a listing of banks or venture capital funds in Ireland that provide finance supported by the EU.

Participate in EU Projects

The Enterprise Europe Network can assist you in participating in EU funded research projects through Horizon 2020 – the biggest EU Research and Innovation Programme ever with a budget of nearly €80 billion over seven years (2014-2020).   We can help you to:

  • assess your technology to identify potential funding opportunities
  • find partners and
  • help you reach co-operation agreements

Also, for SMEs with big ambitions to innovate and grow, the Enterprise Europe Network can provide tailored support packages to steer you onto the fast track to success. The Network offers two types of support packages:

Key Account Management (KAM) for beneficiaries of the SME Instrument under Horizon 2020.  The SME Instrument provides targeted support and funding for highly innovative SMEs with a clear commercial ambition and a potential for high growth and internationalisation. For those successful companies which are selected to participate in the SME Instrument, the Enterprise Europe Network's top business and innovation experts are on hand to provide Key Account Management (KAM) Services which includes finding the right coaches to help the companies reach important milestones and linking the company to innovation support services.

Enhancing Innovation Management Capacities of SMEs with high EU-wide market and innovation potential.  For companies outside the SME Instrument, the Network's innovation experts are also able to provide support services. These are particularly targeted at innovative and ambitious local companies that demonstrate a high potential to generate growth and jobs but need additional business and management advice and expertise to turn a good idea into a successful business.

Further details on the SME Instrument here or you can contact us

Give Feedback on EU Legislation

The SME Feedback is a spontaneous reporting of difficulties resulting from existing EU legislation or policies, experienced by individual companies in the Single Market. The European Commission is really interested in all issues such as Public Procurement, Funding, Trade Marks, Labelling, Electronic Commerce, Environment, Customs, Taxes on products, Payments, Research and Development raised in the European Union or in the Third Countries.

If you have experienced operational difficulties, resolved or not, for your business in the EU market or in Third Countries, please complete our questionnaire which are issued at various times during the year.

We will pass on your case to EU competition authorities using our SME feedback database.


Access EU Finance